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@911corlebra777 3/22/2019 9 I'm interested in Jack's history before he became a sh*tposter extraordinaire
@911corlebra777 4/9/2019 14 This article from the Sydney Morning Herald 5mths ago, details a joint Australian/US counter-intelligence operation against China. As we shall see, it's a hydra
@911corlebra777 4/26/2019 16 While #DerangedDonald tweets childish nonsense, Putin has been very busy indeed
@911corlebra777 5/17/2019 17 Cindy Li Yang's shady story is not the only one in South Florida. Let me introduce you to American Da Tang, a New York based all stop shop for real estate & EB5 visas in Miami............
@adamserwer 4/27/2019 4 Lincoln wasn’t a saint, but his actions left America closer to its ideals than it had ever been
Excellent rant on the oh-so-tiresome efforts to rewrite history to favor current assholery
@admiralmpj 5/20/2019 12 I'm not a Lawyer, but I have a particular view when it comes to Impeachment.
@aliasvaughn 5/16/2019 19 Mueller's team has had enough of the BS and is unsealing evidence of obstruction AND conspiracy.
Excellent summation by Ale. Fat lady may be warming up…
@aliasvaughn 5/22/2019 25 Remember Columbus Nova? it's an investment management firm controlled by RENOVA Group, owned by? Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.
@aoc 5/11/2019 9 Going from waitressing a year ago to now carries a LOT of life-adjustments. But 3 paychecks in has shown me how 1 of the greatest scams in US is the idea that financial struggle is due to “poor character.”
@bekhenson 5/20/2019 25 In 2015, @gesisson published a study of women with unplanned pregnancies who placed their babies for adoption.
She has receipts. Read this thread to arm yourself with FACTSfor when you have a discussion with an anti-choice zealot.
@benjaminwittes 5/18/2019 5 Some questions for Bill Barr:
@cobaltdaisy 4/28/2019 25 I was raised by an amazing career military man who instilled in me a love for America. I think of how his heart would break to see what Donald Trump has done to our country.
What a wonderful narrative to inspire empathetic patriots to GO VOTE!
@cyrustoulabi 4/20/2019 5 The 6 Democrats invited by DOJ to view a less-redacted version of the #MuellerReport have DECLINED the offer.
@cyrustoulabi 5/1/2019 5 We're FUNDAMENTALLY talking about Barr and Mueller in the wrong way.
Astute observation since endorsed by @BarbMcQuade and @AshaRangappa
@cyrustoulabi 5/14/2019 7 Bolton is MANIPULATING INTELLIGENCE to start a War with Iran. Iran believed the U.S. was PLANNING to attack. THAT prompted Iran to PREPARE possible counterstrikes. Bolton is now using Iran's preparations, AS PROOF Iran was going to attack us.
With Miller and Bolton as top advisers to POTUS we are iin an ongoing state of emergency as a civilized country
@dcpoll 8/28/2018 9 Bruce Ohr refused. Ohr also helped revoke Oleg Deripaska's visa. Now he's a target of Trump.
@designmom 9/13/2018 63 I’m a mother of six, and a Mormon. I have a good understanding of arguments surrounding abortion, religious and otherwise.
This gem from 9/18 nails it. She's 100% right! men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies.
@dirkschwenk 3/8/2019 6 What if POTUS orders the Secret Service to obstruct the arrest of White House staff?
@dirkschwenk 3/12/2019 6 NYC "stop and frisk" devolved into "stop and frisk black guys" and therefore imploded
@dirkschwenk 3/22/2019 15 RAGE TWEET Thread on SC Mueller's Report
@dirkschwenk 3/23/2019 29 Once upon a time HRC was running for President and we are all unimaginably naive.
@dirkschwenk 3/26/2019 14 I trust Mueller. He goes by the book.
@dirkschwenk 3/27/2019 9 VERY GOOD REASONS to keep GJ & NATSEC info from Mueller's investigation secret
@dirkschwenk 3/29/2019 28 Ambassador McFaul @mcfaul dropping bombs at today's Select Committee on Intelligence
@dirkschwenk 3/31/2019 22 lets ROCK THE FARA.
@dirkschwenk 4/3/2019 20 Rose Colored Glasses Time.
@dirkschwenk 4/9/2019 5 Sam Patten is basically Manafort-lite - BUT HE COOPERATED FULLY WHEN CAUGHT.
@dirkschwenk 4/11/2019 11 why BARR MAY NOT BE A BLACK HAT or at least it's an open question.
@dirkschwenk 4/12/2019 5 POS - JAss lies
@dirkschwenk 4/12/2019 7 JAss is a BIG TIME CRIMINAL so let's just assume this is a bookmark, not the book
@dirkschwenk 4/13/2019 11 The Bribes for Admissions scandal
@dirkschwenk 4/16/2019 5 Jessica Liu is one of the most feared in respected prosecutors in the US.
@dirkschwenk 4/17/2019 16 Mueller Report Primer: things to look for; things to be happy about; things to worry about.
@dirkschwenk 4/18/2019 13 Lotsa good stuff to chew on.
@dirkschwenk 4/18/2019 14 Barr press conference
@dirkschwenk 4/19/2019 15 The Mueller Report confirms that RR and Mueller had a TWO YEAR head start in prepping for possibility that a Black Hat like Barr would become AG.
@dirkschwenk 4/22/2019 10 BUTINA PROSECUTION MAY BE BIGGER than Stone when it comes to collusion.
@dirkschwenk 4/24/2019 8 Why Speaker Pelosi is awesomely right (and Warren is not wrong), a thread
@dirkschwenk 4/24/2019 12 I don't believe in karma, but I do believe in dbags and justice.
@dirkschwenk 4/25/2019 6 Trump base doesn't know how they won and they don't undertstand why they are going to lose.
@dirkschwenk 4/26/2019 15 Up front, let me just say that anyone who says they KNOW RR is a black hat is full of it.
@dirkschwenk 4/29/2019 17 Rod Rosenstein's Retirement Letter. A "Reading Original Documents With Dirk" Thread.
READ THIS. Dirk deals in facts, not hair-on-fire sky-is-falling emotion
@dirkschwenk 5/1/2019 6 OK, I like @Comey and I believe he did his best to protect the FBI, DOJ and investigations in his time. But I have to push back on this opinion.
@dirkschwenk 5/1/2019 6 Here's how you know Barr is lying when he says he doesn't know why Mueller declined to prosecute. IT'S RIGHT IN THE REPORT.
@dirkschwenk 5/3/2019 8 OK, since I am a bit freaked out by the demands for the "full, unredacted" report, I decided to go look at Nadler's letter and see what it says. It is somewhat reassuring.
@dirkschwenk 5/3/2019 12 On Sealed Indictments and the POSSIBILITY that there is one against Trump himself.
@dirkschwenk 5/6/2019 11 Soybean Prices: or "Why Trump's Base May Break": A Thread. (I agree with Andrew below - Farmer's are being HOSED).
@dirkschwenk 5/10/2019 16 Since the beginning, we have been discussing whether Trump can, will or has been indicted, in part based on LM and Truefact's early reporting that he was already under sealed indictment.
@dirkschwenk 5/11/2019 10 Roger Stone is in Deep Shit
Dirk writes a succinct lede
@dirkschwenk 5/11/2019 23 Good Times Thread! Rose Colored Glasses, cute dogs, SPRINGTIME!
Keep reading - lots of info
@dirkschwenk 5/13/2019 16 The NRA v. Ackerman McQueen. Epic Vortex of all that is Horrible.
@dirkschwenk 5/15/2019 24 The Poor NRA Has Been Terribly Vicitmized. A Dark Dirk Thread
@dirkschwenk 5/17/2019 11 It should not be a surprise that the FBI stopped briefing the Gang of Eight. The last time they did, Richard Burr turned around and briefed the White House. Then a couple weeks later, Comey was fired.
Insight on the ONGOING CI investigation - NOTE: t is ranting about TREASON this morning. Hmmm…
@djrothkopf 11/10/2018 20 No one knows the skeletons in Donald Trump's closet better than Donald Trump
@djrothkopf 4/21/2019 25 In today's America, the president and those who work for him are above the law.
This reads like the Declaration of Independence' littany of charges against King George
@djrothkopf 4/26/2019 18 We really (really, really) need to work on this deeply flawed opinion that somehow presidents are not to be prosecuted or indicted.
@djrothkopf 4/28/2019 18 This is dangerous. This is a danger to our system. It wouldn't be if it was just one disturbed damaged man, but he has an entire party apparatus behind him.
Perfectly stated case for impeachment NOW. He could have writtn the Declaration of Independence back then.
@djrothkopf 4/30/2019 12 Too many Democrats think the objective in 2020 is to restore the status quo.
@djrothkopf 5/1/2019 6 When I joined the Clinton Admin in 1993, the idea of centrism was that we were open to what was best that was traditionally associated with either party--Democratic social justice, GOP fiscal responsibility or strong defense. What has changed?
@djrothkopf 5/2/2019 13 The ideas that a president can determine whether or not he ought to be investigated or that a president is incapable of committing obstruction are not just outrageous assaults on Constitutional values.
@djrothkopf 5/3/2019 7 The main conclusion of the massive Mueller report was that the Russians conducted a sweeping attack on America in order to put Donald Trump in the White House.
@djrothkopf 5/4/2019 7 Journalists and commentators ought to be more careful about the use of the term "economy."
@djrothkopf 5/6/2019 5 Trump's an economic genius, doncha know?
@djrothkopf 5/9/2019 6 It is early. I'm also bad making political predictions. But it's never stopped me before.
@djrothkopf 5/10/2019 6 Note to old school Dems, The "center" is not where you left it. It's not that warm place where bi-partisan compromise was king and Wall St. advisory jobs waited.
I have no idea where I fall in thepolitical spectrum. Not "Right", for sure.
@djrothkopf 5/11/2019 7 There are a large number of DC insider-types I know who support Biden largely because in their calculus he is the best path for their next senior gov't job. But behind the scenes, doubts are rampant, they know the reasons his. past presidential campaigns did not go well.
@djrothkopf 5/15/2019 16 What "normal" will the GOP return to after Trump? The Mitch McConnell normal that kept Merrick Garland off the court? The normal of the Georgia or Alabama GOP attacks on a woman's right to choose? The normal of the Republicans who defended Trump's racism and crimes?
@drchristinemann 5/17/2019 9 Y’all, they’re here. Pre-existing condition denials are here. It’s been years since I had to fill out a pre-existing condition form for my patients. I received one today.
@faravaharsf 4/20/2019 6 I saw firsthand what war and revolution can do to a country in my homeland of Iran.
A warning from someone who's lived it before.
@frogcycle 4/18/2018 7 "Evangelicals" is a term that was co-opted by white supremacists.
@frogcycle 5/27/2018 10 Well, it's one day until Memorial Day. Do yourself a favor. If you want to take a few minutes to REALLY think about the day, and what it represents
This is from 2018. It is always applicable.
@frogcycle 6/3/2018 20 "Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.
@frogcycle 7/16/2018 11 Attached is from "United States of Racism" in Polar Bear Post
@frogcycle 10/12/2018 6 I am especially disgusted by the continuing behavior of my peers.
@frogcycle 1/13/2019 12 We've always had MAGAts
@frogcycle 4/21/2019 10 MAGAts are a lost cause
My brief experience with a MAGAt - from "glad to meet you" to "fucking Democrat!" in seconds
@frogcycle 4/26/2019 24 my criteria for selecting the Democratic candidate
@frogcycle 5/11/2019 8 It's not that the president is doing something wrong, questionable, illegal even. That sounds like one of the first 43 to hold the office is doing something extraordinary, like Nixon, Grant, Reagan, Harding, A. Johnson. No, the context is a lawless mobster is occupying the presidency.
@frogcycle 5/12/2019 11 James Madison Jr. was an American statesman, lawyer, diplomat, philosopher, and Founding Father who served as the fourth president of the United States from 1809 to 1817
With all due deference to George Washington as the victorious general and first President, Madison is the father of the Great Experiment that is this country's government.
@frogcycle 5/16/2019 9 Today I spent most of the morning researching USCIS naturalization and figuring out what to do to salvage a citizenship application that went off the rails due to what I consider malpractice on the part of immigration attorney.
That was my day. Is dotard still POTUS? I've been pleasantly distracted.
@frogcycle 5/19/2019 13 This is serious. This is so damned serious it is terrifying. The terms "racist" and "white supremacist" are tossed around but few understand the deep, deep horror to humankind that the full-up white supremacists are.
I can't say this enough. This is the battle for America's soul. And we are losing because we don't understand the enemy is not at the gate - the enemy is within.
@frogcycle 5/21/2019 13 I'm on a mission from God THREAD:
Ok, this is self-serving. So sue me. I'm on a mission from GOTT!
@glennkirschner2 5/6/2019 9 Let’s talk about Barr’s answer (ok, non-answer) to Sen. Kamala Harris’s question about whether Trump or anyone at the White House asked or suggested that he should open a criminal investigation on anyone.
@glennkirschner2 5/7/2019 11 This is an emotionally charged issue: Trump pardons the former soldier who was convicted of murdering an Iraqi prisoner.
@glennkirschner2 5/11/2019 9 Can I please make one observation about Lindsey Graham’s absurd contention that we should start investigating Obama-era DOJ officials for hating Trump and trying to get Hillary Clinton elected?
@glennkirschner2 5/16/2019 14 Is there any reason for hope? I suggest there is. I want to return to Tuesday’s court hearing. Trump’s lawyer argued that Congress cannot issue subpoenas to investigate presidential violations of the law. Judge Mehta plainly and inarguably disagreed with that position. . .
@glennkirschner2 5/18/2019 12 As a former career prosecutor, including 6 years as an Army JAG, this makes me sick
@glennkirschner2 5/20/2019 5 I would move toward using the inherent contempt powers of Congress to arrest them.
@gregolear 5/5/2019 22 I can’t sugarcoat it: the fate of the republic may depend on how the Dems, the media, & the American people respond to Barr/Mnuchin/Trump/Mueller in the coming weeks.
@gregolear 5/12/2019 26 Trump uses fear to manipulate, to divide, to destroy. It is essential that our side not act out of fear. We must not fall into this trap.
@gregolear 5/21/2019 6 This is one of my signs that the Trump presidency is almost over. Hope Hicks has been subpoenaed today.
@gtconway3d 5/12/2019 9 Think of it. The Russia investigation was a legitimate investigation, with a legitimate basis, into how a hostile foreign power tried to interfere with and undermine our democracy.
Conway spells it out. Contrast today's "leadership" to Madison, Jefferson, Jay…
@hoarsewisperer 1/21/2019 8 We Don't See
@ideagov 4/22/2019 18 #MuellerReport is comprehensive. Much more so than media or Republicans thought clearly, as so many seem surprised.
@jaythenerdkid 5/5/2019 34 I wanted to talk a bit about Ramadan and Shakespeare, of all things.
A delightful lighthearted insight to what Ramadan means to Muslims. Spoiler: It's not just not eating!
@jaythenerdkid 5/15/2019 6 this guy, who spent HOURS last night telling me that muslims are homophobic, thinks it's perfectly normal to be uncomfortable sharing a locker room with a gay man.
@johnwalshco 4/18/2019 6 I have read indictments that presented evidence less damning than the obstruction section of the #MuellerReport.
@justinamash 5/18/2019 13 Here are my principal conclusions: 1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report. 2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct. 3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances. 4. Few members of Congress have read the report.
Well it's about time. Now who's gonna jump on the bandwagon?
@justsumguy176 4/30/2019 11 My mother recieved a "Congressional Census" in the mail that was pro Trump from the @RNC @GOP. When I called the number listed below they told me that my mother had to fill this out and send it in with a $15 processing fee.
This is stunningly fraudulent. A woman is doing five years in prison for voting when she did not know she couldn't but the people doing this shit will not even be pursued.
@jysexton 4/18/2019 36 Long and short: there was collusion, there was obstruction, Donald Trump needs to be removed from office. Immediately.
@jysexton 4/19/2019 8 Impeachment is a constitutional requirement and we have no idea what would happen
@jysexton 4/20/2019 7 Even if Republicans don't believe his campaign worked with Russia to get Donald Trump elected (they did), aren't they the least bit concerned that Russia wanted Trump to be president so badly?
@jysexton 4/21/2019 7 Trump & Republicans have ok'd campaign accepting/relying on foreign interference. Reason enough to impeach.
@jysexton 4/24/2019 6 So much of what's wrong is grounded in how greed and lust for personal power overrides duty and a sense of right and wrong.
Excellent assessment. The concept of "of, by, and for" the people is replaced by "Me,me, me"
@jysexton 4/27/2019 7 What we see now is simply an evolution of the blatant racism that riddled the country in the past
@jysexton 5/9/2019 20 What's getting lost in the coverage of a Trump supporter calling for the shooting of immigrants last night is that Trump crowds have been doing this for years and that they're always just saying the thing Trump leads them to.
@jysexton 5/15/2019 18 These are the people who told everyone who was concerned about rising fascism and the decline of duty and ethics that they were worried about slippery slopes and being hysterical. They believed Trump might be abnormal, but not particularly dangerous.
@jysexton 5/16/2019 8 So much of this current climate is wrapped up in male insecurity and Fox and Trump and Republicans are playing those insecurities for profit and power.
Makes me want to read @jysexton's book…
@jysexton 5/22/2019 6 our outdated concepts of masculinity are helping these people radicalize like ISIS.
@jysexton 5/22/2019 9 All right. Let’s talk about the Warren story. The headline is written the way it is because it attracts the most attention possible
@karolcummins 1/1/2019 42 Barr’s Backtrack
@karolcummins 4/1/2019 28 multi-topic synopsis
@karolcummins 4/2/2019 45 multi-topic synopsis
@karolcummins 4/3/2019 11 Nuclear regulators were unaware of transfer of sensitive technical information re nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia by Rick Perry’s DOE
@karolcummins 4/3/2019 29 Deutsche Bank's U.S. Unit Kept Danske's Shady Billions Flowing
@karolcummins 4/3/2019 55 Tony Blair linked to China's most wanted, Mar-a-Lago member Guo Wengui
@karolcummins 4/4/2019 9 Mueller’s Team is seething as their findings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed. Mueller’s Team is seething as their ndings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed.
@karolcummins 4/5/2019 56 Members of SCO complained that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming & significant
@karolcummins 4/6/2019 78 Engel
@karolcummins 4/7/2019 77 W Liberal Democracy vs Transnational Organized Crime
@karolcummins 4/8/2019 26 Trump designates elite Iranian military force as a terrorist organization
@karolcummins 4/8/2019 21 Federal Watchdog Probes Trump Administration Push for Saudi Arabia Nuclear Deal
@karolcummins 4/9/2019 28 Bannon’s Strategy to destroy Western Liberal Democracy.
@karolcummins 4/9/2019 69 Trump Org May Have Financial Link to Iranian Military Group Designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization
@karolcummins 4/10/2019 6 Bombshell Report Links Trump Hotel Project to Iran Terrorist Group
@karolcummins 4/10/2019 57 Barr appears to rep Trump & not We the People
@karolcummins 4/12/2019 27 KPMG, EY Reported to Police Amid Danish Laundering Probes
@karolcummins 4/12/2019 16 Federal Prosecutors in California Are Now Looking Into Trump’s Inaugural Committee
@karolcummins 4/12/2019 21 J-Ass Charged w/ Conspiracy to Hack a DOD Computer
@karolcummins 4/13/2019 64 Assange/Manning/Snowden narrative was designed to attack the credibility of American NatSec
@karolcummins 4/14/2019 50 Breathe - Daily synopses
@karolcummins 4/15/2019 53 Suspense for Mueller Rpt
@karolcummins 4/16/2019 56 Putin/Trump's far-right 'populist' movement
@karolcummins 4/17/2019 41 Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian moneylaundering scheme
@karolcummins 4/18/2019 11 ROAD MAP TO CONGRESS
@karolcummins 4/19/2019 73 I’m F*cked” says Trump on the appointment of SC Mueller.
@karolcummins 4/19/2019 50 When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs
@karolcummins 4/20/2019 35 Is Trump a Russian Agent?: Explaining Terms of Art and Examining the Facts
@karolcummins 4/20/2019 9 Illigitimate
@karolcummins 4/21/2019 50 Power of Oversight
@karolcummins 4/22/2019 61 Trump=Ruagent
Don't overlook this. The inimitable Karol.
@karolcummins 5/13/2019 59 ??I’mBaaack!?? Judge in Stone’s case was given the full unredacted MR. - and much more
Karol's periodic news rundown
@karolcummins 5/15/2019 52 Make no mistake GOP want to make sure all women & children are impoverished
@karolcummins 5/15/2019 14 Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in CN to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry Ukraine Prosecutor Made Up Biden Claim, in an alleged bid to curry favor with Trump. Giuliani deservedly draws ire. WhatsApp voice calls used to inject Israeli spyware on phones #Pegasus
nightly recap
@karolcummins 5/17/2019 87 Flynn told Mueller people tied to Trump and Congress tried to obstruct probe Flynn even provided a VM recording A fed judge ordered transcripts re: Flynn's convos w/ RU officials by 5/31. Felix Sater gave feds 5 OBL telephone numbers, b/4 9/11
Karol's news summary - if you only have time for one thing put this on your laptop to read on the train
@karolcummins 5/18/2019 36 The Flynn revelations are so important: Barr’s actions & redactions are now under a microscope. This direct evidence of witness tampering challenges Barr’s conclusion: ‘no obstruction’ What else has Barr subverted & why?
@karolcummins 5/18/2019 38 The WH knew of the recording of Flynn talking to Kislyak for days before acting. Trump absolutely knew Flynn was under FBI inv’n when he fired him, making Trump's tweet a lie GOP Amash says Trump should be impeached
@karolcummins 5/19/2019 32 The steady rise of powerful RW fascists/Autocrats/Nationalists/TOC world wide are challenging the peaceful World Order of Western Liberal Democracy post WII
@karolcummins 5/20/2019 44 BEFORE THE INAUGURATION: FBI, NSA, FinCen, DNI, & DOJ opened probes into possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump
@karolcummins 5/21/2019 18 The New German Anti-Semitism
@karolcummins 5/21/2019 5 A conservative activist’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts
@karolcummins 5/22/2019 20 Michael Cohen Filings Show 950 Messages With Russian Oligarch’s Cousin
@karolcummins 5/23/2019 13 Bank CEO Stephen M. Calk Charged With Corruptly Soliciting A Presidential Administration Position In Exchange For Approving $16 Million In Loans
@kelly2277 11/4/2018 8 The most frightening Kompromat that Putin & Trump could have against Republicans would be proof that there is ongoing election fraud and hacking in key races w help from Russia,
@kelly2277 4/30/2019 6 Mueller says Barr’s summary misrepresented the Mueller Report
@kelly2277 4/30/2019 5 ??Larry Ray and the Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence AND @felixsater @RudyGiuliani Russian mafia,
@kelly2277 5/1/2019 5 ??Barr choked on this question- He left it OPEN in case Putin or a Foreign Govt offered dirt on an opponent? Did everyone notice that
@kelly2277 5/1/2019 7 James Comey: “How Trump eats your soul in small bites.”
@kelly2277 5/3/2019 9 Remember when I told you that General John Kelly was evil
@kelly2277 5/5/2019 9 ??Brainwashing??General Caldwell wanted to use psyops on US lawmakers to secretly manipulate them without their knowledge.
@kelly2277 5/5/2019 6 ??Let’s say you are a Senator and President Trump sent you an email marked URGENT: National Security. There’s a link, and of course you open it. It would sure be a shame if you were exposed to PEGASUS and ALL your data was exposed
@kelly2277 5/6/2019 5 'Russian war reporter' Maria Katasonova wasn’t the only spy that Putin sent to Ukraine. Maria Butina was sent there too…
@kelly2277 5/8/2019 5 HOLY SHIT - stay w me folks? Remember when Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan said ‘Putin pays Rohrabacher and Trump’
"?It was a few days after they had both been briefed by the Ukrainian PM, Groysman, about RU attempts to undermine democratic institutions??"
@kelly2277 5/10/2019 6 ??Two Russian Spies Who Were Involved in the Skripal Poisoning and US Election Interference Are Also Among 14 Convicted in the Montenegro Coup Plot. What about Joseph Assad, the CIA counterintelligence agent planning the ‘getaway’ after the coup?
@kelly2277 5/14/2019 10 ?? @DevinNunes & John Solomon left out the most important details of the Kavalec notes on the Steele Dossier that guarantee Trump’s impeachment and prosecution
@kelly2277 5/15/2019 7 ??BOOM??I know why Charles Johnson met with @SecretaryRoss? They discussed his and Palmer Luckey’s, Occulus - Anduril technology
@kelly2277 5/16/2019 6 Remember when the @FBI sent out an urgent message to reboot your home and office routers because Fancy Bear ?? had compromised them
@kelly2277 5/16/2019 11 ??Want to know the real reason Trump pardoned ex-media mogul Conrad Black?They were more than friends.. Trump was going to testify (lie) for him in his trial but Black’s lawyers decided they didn’t need him at the last minute
@kelly2277 5/17/2019 10 Why did Trump administration shower Brazilian crooks with $62M bailout money meant for struggling U.S. farmers
@kelly2277 5/18/2019 6 ??Trump Judge, Judy Vitter, said women who use birth control have DNA that matches violent men.
@kelly2277 5/23/2019 7 Michael Cohen texted 950 times w Victor Vekselberg’s cousin, Andrew Intrater - but wait- keep reading about BTA Bank ?? and remember the Sater and Trump SoHo money laundering story?
@kevinmkruse 3/11/2019 15 JFK WAS liberal for his time, Cons by today's Standards
@kevinmkruse 3/20/2019 6 Debunking Rightwing Slavery Distortions
@kevinmkruse 3/21/2019 7 More Slavery Facts
@kevinmkruse 4/9/2019 14 No Southern Strategy? Utter nonsense!
@kevinmkruse 4/9/2019 6 Yes the Southern Strategy was REAL
@kevinmkruse 5/3/2019 11 Imagine how frustrating life would be if you didn't understand how jokes work.
@kevinmkruse 5/12/2019 6 The most significant struggle over race, housing and suburbia in New Jersey took place in Mount Laurel.
@lauferlaw 5/3/2019 20 the relationship between the 1st amendment and the banning of Nazis, 'Alt-Righters'
@lincolnsbible 6/15/2018 46 When I call dotard a "mobster," I'm not being cute.
@lincolnsbible 8/23/2018 22 Let's explore what happened to US - you & me, when a mobster played CEO on TV ...
@lincolnsbible 8/30/2018 21 History of Mob and Judges
@lincolnsbible 8/30/2018 21 Mob & judges
@lincolnsbible 9/11/2018 27 When do we roll out the story behind Semion Mogilevich, 9/11, and Trump?
@lincolnsbible 4/28/2019 11 the hate ecosystem does not rely on MSM & their audiences (those outside of white supremacist & incel propaganda forums) to worship and create legends out of their murderers.
@lincolnsbible 5/2/2019 7 Okay @LindseyGrahamSC, tell you what... You think back on that impeachment of Clinton - which you & your toadie pals are so convinced is equivalent to a Trump impeachment
@lincolnsbible 5/7/2019 5 No Shit! "I have serious concerns about Steven Mnuchin's dealings with Russia. "
@lincolnsbible 5/10/2019 6 “The Power of Propaganda”
@lincolnsbible 5/15/2019 5 Too late now. The time for this was before “case closed” was declared across entire GOP & their propaganda machine - then given time to set in.
regarding Dems plan to read MR in Congress
@lincolnsbible 5/16/2019 8 . Like Russia, China’s government is a fusion of organized crime & intelligence. Drugs and sex-trafficking (aka, the global rape trade) are primary drivers for their dark economy.
@lincolnsbible 5/20/2019 11 We’re moving into the phase where investigative news outlets are exposing the SIZE of the dark money pot & its mechanics.
@louisemensch 5/2/2019 4 Bill Barr confessed to leaking ongoing criminal investigations, perhaps those involving the Trump kids, to the White House - that’s a crime.
Link to LM's Patribotics blog -
@louisemensch 5/7/2019 6 So, the unredacted ‘why these redactions’ version of the report sustains *all my recent reporting*.
@louisemensch 5/8/2019 9 I don’t think we are in a constitutional crisis, patriots.
Louise has faith in SCOTUS and explains why. Now how fast can we get that validated?
@louisemensch 5/8/2019 6 My 2017 story showed @realDonaldTrump removed @IvankaTrump from poker shell corporations linked to @Trump.
Sad that such a rich family has to do their own laundry
@louisemensch 5/11/2019 5 Does anybody know #WhoFundsTheFederalist? Yesterday @BDomenech published and deleted a proDuterte piece by Seaborn Hall. That's this guy. "He has participated with prophetic people and evaluated prophetic and supernatural phenomena for over 25 years."
@louisemensch 5/14/2019 12 This is a thoughtful piece by @AaronBlake. I think the characterization of Rosensten as “dragging” @Comey is unfair, given the latter struck first. But there was a small tragedy in the speech, too.
Intriguing hints at - something - off camera
@lululemew 11/28/2018 111 Jeffrey Epstein Detailed Record
@lululemew 3/14/2019 15 Facebook Criminal Investigation
@lululemew 3/14/2019 18 Sex Cult Leader Charged
@lululemew 3/15/2019 34 Cindy Yang at Mar-A-Lago
@lululemew 3/16/2019 43 Cindy Yang Goes to Reception to meet Trump @ M-A-L
@lululemew 3/18/2019 37 MbS brutality not just Khashoggi
@lululemew 3/18/2019 22 Feds Raid Broidy
@lululemew 3/19/2019 27 Oligarch Firtash Praises Manafort, Says Trump Has 3rd-Grade Smart
@lululemew 3/20/2019 38 Epstein’s secret plea deal victim didn’t even know she was
@lululemew 3/20/2019 23 The Enigmatic Russian Paying Maria Butina's Legal Bills
@lululemew 3/21/2019 66 SC woman devotes life to saving sex trafficing victims
@lululemew 3/21/2019 21 South Florida sees a boom in 'birth tourism'
@lululemew 3/24/2019 96 Alleged world's biggest facilitator of child porn extradited to US
@lululemew 3/25/2019 6 Sater Had Laundering Plans for Moscow Trump Tower, Bank Says
@lululemew 3/25/2019 43 Why Did Barr Share Only 4 Partial Sentences from Mueller Report?
@lululemew 3/26/2019 28 Critical Part of Mueller's Report Barr Didn't Mention
@lululemew 3/28/2019 45 Trump fin stmt lies about # of lots for sale
@lululemew 3/28/2019 17 Trump has seized on Barr’s letter as an exoneration of himself
@lululemew 3/29/2019 8 “did not establish” and “did not exonerate.”
@lululemew 3/29/2019 122 Trump’s Treachery Goes Way Beyond Russia
@lululemew 3/30/2019 21 Bezos inestigation IDs Saudis
@lululemew 3/30/2019 41 Remember this guy? Barry Krisher? Palm Beach County State Attorney during the Epstein investigation?
@lululemew 4/1/2019 5 The Martin Act applies to almost any nancial transaction in Nystate
@lululemew 4/1/2019 10 Normal presidents age drastically while in ofce.
@lululemew 4/2/2019 39 Nationwide fight to ban child marriage faces opposition and legislative deadlock
@lululemew 4/2/2019 20 Homeland Security Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit
@lululemew 4/6/2019 65 The Serial Pedophile Blood on the Dance Floor singer is an expert at winning teenage girls' trust — and their silence.
@lululemew 4/8/2019 13 do one good deed per day
@lululemew 4/12/2019 12 WH officials have tried to pressure USCIS to release detainees onto the streets of “sanctuary cities” as retaliation.
@lululemew 4/12/2019 10 DA knew Jeffrey Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency
@lululemew 4/13/2019 16 Swedbank addedto criminal probe by Etonian prosecutor
@lululemew 4/13/2019 15 Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents
@lululemew 4/15/2019 57 Barr’s Playbook: He Misled Congress When Omitting Parts of Justice Dep’t Memo
@lululemew 4/15/2019 136 Jeffrey Epstein accuser goes public
@lululemew 4/17/2019 31 Undercover spy targeted Kaspersky critics
@lululemew 4/17/2019 6 I’m tired of the lying, lawbreaking bullshit.
@lululemew 4/25/2019 5 “Putin pays Trump...”
This'll make you feel better. I love the graphics.
@lululemew 4/25/2019 11 220 people rescued from sex and labor trafficking rings in West Africa
@lululemew 4/26/2019 6 If POTUS fails to uphold the Presidential oath, he should not reap benefits of DOJ non prosecution of POTUS policy.
@lululemew 4/26/2019 16 Some examples of TRAITORS
copy/paste this link to thread if you want to fetch the pics
@lululemew 4/27/2019 28 No Collusion? Not so fast
@lululemew 5/5/2019 7 False information and foreign influence enter society organically through myriad informational ports of entry,
@lululemew 5/7/2019 19 For Paul Rosenzweig, who worked under Ken Starr, the question of being one of the 600+ fmr federal prosecutors to sign this week’s letter was one of intellectual consistency.
@lululemew 5/8/2019 11 Exclusive: Mueller fought release of Comey memos to prevent Trump and others from changing stories - CNN Politics
@lululemew 5/8/2019 7 Colorado school shooting victim died while charging at shooter,
Lulu says what most of us are thinking 24x7. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. We want sanity, kindness, empathy back in our government.
@lululemew 5/8/2019 5 Now ask yourself how many others who suddenly & inexplicably endorsed Trump were in the same situation.
Are you listening, Lindsey?
@lululemew 5/10/2019 17 Documents Detail Meetings Of Russians With Treasury, Federal Reserve
@lululemew 5/10/2019 30 Feds open foreign-money investigation into Trump donor Cindy Yang
@lululemew 5/11/2019 26 Jeffrey Esptein case: Victims' attorneys blast prosecutors' timetable
@lululemew 5/14/2019 14 D.C. radio station is a Russian agent, federal judge rules
@lululemew 5/21/2019 17 Just some Cohen testimony highlights
@mollymckew 4/19/2019 58 Some thoughts & questions here only on Russia aspects.
@mollymckew 4/21/2019 15 So, a story about an aquarium ecosystem that is possibly a Washington metaphor.
Oh Molly! I knew where you were going with this from the outset but had no idea it would be SOOOO apt!
@mollymckew 4/23/2019 12 Some reflections on today's townhalls
Good observations
@mollymckew 4/26/2019 5 To be clear on these 4 points:
She says "no excuses" Trump failed no matter who else has blame
@mollymckew 5/1/2019 36 I will provide only trolling commentary of the Barr hearing in this thread
Excellent trolling!
@mollymckew 5/1/2019 14 Today POTUS retweeted 59 accounts that replied to a Bongino tweet about Biden/firefighters in order to prove he (POTUS) has support from firefighters.
He'd be pathetic if he weren't despicable
@mollymckew 5/22/2019 6 do yourself a favor and watch the Amazon docuseries, produced by @JordanPeele, "Lorena".
@MTomasky 5/2/2019 0 The GOP’s Just a Racket Now, and Trump Is Its Godfather, Barr its Wartime Consigliere
@neal_katyal 5/1/2019 7 Barr’s opening in hearing is tragic.
@neal_katyal 5/1/2019 0 Why Barr Can't Whitewash the Mueller Report
NYT Op ED by Neal Katyal, discussed on Last Word 5/1
@neal_katyal 5/2/2019 5 White House is about to launch a distraction effort to obscure Barr’s duplicitous performance.
@neal_katyal 5/4/2019 6 I’ve taught Constitutional Law over 20 times. I’ve never seen it looked at in such a fresh way.
Play: What the Constitution Means To Me, by the brilliant @heidibschreck.
@ninaandtito 2/26/2019 25 "Freedom Caucus" "Justice Democrats"
@ninaandtito 3/14/2019 9 Cali is believed to be a ranking member in the notorious Gambino crime family."
@ninaandtito 3/21/2019 16 Russian National Extradited From Estonia To Face Charges Of Illegal Procurement Of U.S. Electronics
@ninaandtito 3/25/2019 8 Robert Mueller's Legal Eagles: Where Are They Now!?
@ninaandtito 3/29/2019 15 All you corrupt fuckers have kids. And you’re leaving them a shithole country in your wake.
@ninaandtito 3/31/2019 7 Silicon Valley’s role facilitating human trafficking for the
@ninaandtito 4/3/2019 18 New FARA: Mercury Public Affairs for Global IP-Cayman
@ninaandtito 4/8/2019 11 I'm still mystified as to why Ed Kutler's & Mike McSherry's FARA violations aren't being investigated by SDNY alongside Vin Weber's FARA violations (OR MAYBE THEY ARE WE JUST DON'T KNOW YET?)
@ninaandtito 4/12/2019 12 Guess who owns the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, which now has to pay Geoffrey Rush $850k for defamation? Rupert Murdoch.
@ninaandtito 4/12/2019 6 Murdoch phone hacking scandal in UK was also very illegal. And therefore very prosecutable.
@ninaandtito 4/15/2019 17 Alan Garcia, former Peru president, shoots himself
@ninaandtito 4/15/2019 10 UniCredit Bank AG Agrees to Plead Guilty for Violating Iranian Sanctions
@ninaandtito 4/17/2019 16 All Connected - round eleventy gajillion bazillion
@ninaandtito 4/17/2019 6 Friendly reminder! Barr = our enemy’s handmaiden
@ninaandtito 4/17/2019 6 Assange used to coordinate hackers from embassy, says Moreno
@ninaandtito 4/18/2019 7 A neeewww FARA from Lanny Wiles
@ninaandtito 4/18/2019 7 Maggie is compromised
@ninaandtito 4/20/2019 19 criminals who are #NotMentionedInTheRedactedMuellerReport
@ninaandtito 4/21/2019 8 #NeverForget the OK City bombing was far right domestic terrorism
We have ALWAYS had domestic terrorists!
@ninaandtito 4/24/2019 8 Deposition of John Gore is scheduled for manana. Barr is blocking it.
@ninaandtito 4/26/2019 6 This speech by FBI Director Wray is a call to arms.
@ninaandtito 4/26/2019 9 Excellent rant on Amazon (not) Quality Control
I've seen the same deterioration of Whole Foods
@ninaandtito 4/29/2019 12 Marsha Lazareva. KGLI. Russian. American son. In prison in Kuwait, accused of spying/stealing from Kuwait port
@ninaandtito 4/30/2019 5 Russian Citizen Indicted For $1.5 Million Cyber Tax Fraud Scheme
@ninaandtito 4/30/2019 5 re: Rod Rosenstein retirement letter: read it again
@ninaandtito 5/1/2019 6 Another day, another crypto-related indictment...
@ninaandtito 5/2/2019 5 Lawrenceburg Man Indicted for Online Threats, False Statements, and Illegal Possession of Firearm
@ninaandtito 5/4/2019 19 3 Germans Who Allegedly Operated Dark Web Marketplace with >1 Million Users Face U.S. Narcotics and Money Laundering Charges
@ninaandtito 5/6/2019 5 Another Multi-Billion Dollar Money Laundering and Bribery Scheme Relating to the 1MDB Fund
@ninaandtito 5/7/2019 9 FCPA gonna fuck y'all up. 11 years + 7 months prison for Jose Elias Melo, former CEO of a subsidiary of Colombian conglomerate #GrupoAval. Bribery is BAD, people!
@ninaandtito 5/8/2019 7 Let’s say a casino makes $100 in a year. Their expenses are $60 a year. Profit should be $40. Which means taxes owed on $40.
Excellent explanation that it was likely 1.17 billion in TAX FRAUD, not "losses"
@ninaandtito 5/8/2019 9 Fred had real estate (MOB). Donald has that + lots of other ways to launder. Hence, “losses”
@ninaandtito 5/13/2019 8 Fun fact: @tevapharmeurope’s generic for Wellbutrin was quite different from the branded drug. So bad it got recalled
@ninaandtito 5/14/2019 9 MOB Jeremy Reichberg Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Orchestrating NYPD Bribery Scheme And Obstructing Justice
@ninaandtito 5/16/2019 11 The zealots have lost the "culture wars" they have played so dirty to try to win. Spend some time on @pewresearch site to see what I'm talking about.
Hopeful perspective
@ninaandtito 5/21/2019 6 dumb Kardashian-style palace intrigue outrage porn, courtesy of access "journalist" #MaggieDurantyHaberman right after House releases Cohen transcripts which contain DAMNING AF info about tRUmp's inner circle. Surprise!
@pleasesaveour 10/2/2018 10 Zero Tolerance Epic Fail?
@randyresist 1/10/2019 23 An Engineer Explains Why Trump's wall can't work
@rcallimachi 4/5/2019 14 what I learned from the more than 15,000 pages of ISIS documents that my team and I unearthed over five different trips to Iraq
If you don't follow @rcallimachi you should, if you want thorough, on the scene reporting of MidEast wars
@rcallimachi 4/14/2019 17 For 5+ years, @adamgoldmanNYT and I were privy to a terrible secret: Louisa Akavi, a nurse from New Zealand had been kidnapped by ISIS.
@rcallimachi 4/23/2019 22 The Islamic State’s news agency has claimed responsibility for the string of bombings in Sri Lanka which left 321 people dead.
If you want thorough, on the scene reporting of MidEast wars, follow @rcallimachi! Seriously!
@rcallimachi 5/3/2019 10 Six days ago, our baby boy was born. I wanted to share my love for my amazing doctor, Jacqueline Worth, of Village Obstetrics.
The indefatigable Rukmini Callimachi demonstrates that women RULE!
@renato_mariotti 4/11/2019 10 What should we make of the indictment of Julian Assange?
@renato_mariotti 4/22/2019 12 Trump's lawsuit to halt enforcement of a subpoena for his financial records
@renato_mariotti 5/8/2019 15 What should we make of Don McGahn’s refusal to produce documents in response to a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee?
@renato_mariotti 5/10/2019 14 What should we make of the news that the White House asked former White House Counsel Don McGahn to declare that Trump did not obstruct justice?
@renato_mariotti 5/17/2019 5 Congress may explore this issue: "Because of attorney-client privilege issues, we did not seek to interview the President's personal counsel about the extent to which he discussed his statements to Flynn's attorneys with the President."
@roxydavis99 6/6/2018 7 I use the weapons that oppressors hate the most. I speak, walk, act, live, & share truth, hope, laughter, and knowledge. I rage against the regime in ways that uplift. I will not do my oppressors work for him. Don’t accept words or actions of Divas of Despair or Chicken Littles.
EXCELLENT advice from Roxy - a year old but ages WELL!
@rvawonk 5/11/2019 5 "While the Syrian military, backed by Russia & Iran, fought rebels for territory, the govt waged a ruthless war on civilians, throwing hundreds of thousands into filthy dungeons where thousands were tortured & killed.
@sam_vinograd 4/29/2019 7 .@realDonaldTrump giving his word - with every intention of breaking it - is nothing new. Nor is NK making ridiculous demands anything novel.
@sam_vinograd 5/3/2019 17 @realDonaldTrump himself is saying he discussed the Mueller investigation with the target of the investigation Russia?
@saradannerdukic 2/20/2018 41 I've run my fair share of ads on social media.
A year old but currently applicable. So says @therickwilson
@saradannerdukic 2/3/2019 43 All of it’s about to come to a head. (MEGA THREAD)
@saradannerdukic 3/16/2019 37 Facebook Moderators' Dark World
@saradannerdukic 3/16/2019 5 This is a nesting doll of darkness.
@saradannerdukic 3/27/2019 23 Aside from the Mueller report…
@saradannerdukic 3/27/2019 69 Let’s do a thought experiment, and explore obstruction of justice.
@saradannerdukic 3/29/2019 25 20+ reasons that context + facts matter.
@saradannerdukic 4/1/2019 27 We’re at a very critical point right now.
@saradannerdukic 4/9/2019 7 Remember how Trump never wanted the Secret Service to begin with?
@saradannerdukic 4/11/2019 13 scoop on malware being spread through short links,
@saradannerdukic 4/12/2019 10 Some simple things Twitter could do/could have done to combat disinformation and bad actors
@saradannerdukic 4/13/2019 6 Saipan casino raid popping back up!!
@saradannerdukic 4/17/2019 6 Facebook would reward or deny user-data accessto companies based on favoritism
@saradannerdukic 4/21/2019 13 We were attacked. We're still being attacked.
@saradannerdukic 4/22/2019 46 Battle plan meditation time.
@saradannerdukic 5/6/2019 5 I don’t mean to make a mockery of the report, but of those who are turning a blind eye to it. It needs to be so painfully obvious how guilty he is, and how complicit, dumb, traitorous and lazy his helpers are.
@saradannerdukic 5/7/2019 13 if true and "days" doesn't actually mean "weeks," it means Mueller may very soon be 100% free as a private citizen to testify before Congress
@saradannerdukic 5/8/2019 5 Cohen told Arnold. 'I actually have one of the photos,' he said, without going into specifics. 'It’s terrible.'”
@saradannerdukic 5/10/2019 27 It seems like they’re *this* close to getting cold, hard, indisputable facts about Trump’s finances, and who owns him.
@scotthech 5/19/2019 20 “One day, from his sniper nest, Chief Gallagher shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking w/ other girls on the riverbank.
This is not just pardoning of a war criminal. It is endorsing genocide.
@simonwdc 4/19/2019 7 suppression of any kind of a whole of government response to what should be rightly considered an act of war against the United States by Russia in 2016
@simonwdc 4/19/2019 6 burden now on GOP to make the case for why Trump, not Pence
Impeccable logic! What's holding them back??
@simonwdc 4/27/2019 5 He is far more a tyrant than a President; his actions are a threat to our whole system; he's blown it, and cannot remain
@simonwdc 4/29/2019 6 Sowing discord pt 2
This thread was broken - two PDFs provide the 2 parts
@simonwdc 4/29/2019 3 Sowing discord pt 1
This thread was broken - two PDFs provide the 2 parts
@soychicka 4/19/2019 12 legislation to address prosecution of federal crimes committed by an otherwise protected President?
@soychicka 4/19/2019 9 I think @DonnyDeutsch has been spot on with how to frame the importance of the Mueller report:
@soychicka 4/25/2019 6 I'm sorry, no. While you're in prison, you don't get to vote.
@soychicka 4/25/2019 15 So, Putin is convincing Kim to denuclearize... and just a week after the Mueller report drops publicly?
@soychicka 4/29/2019 5 There is so much wrong with the BERN app
@soychicka 4/30/2019 7 With respect, @acog should state unequivocally that anyone who takes the actions described Saturday is subject to loss of license & criminal prosecution.
@soychicka 5/1/2019 7 In case it's not clear, the attached PDF contains complete specs for, and photos of Epstein's plane, aka the "Lolita Express."
@soychicka 5/3/2019 12 Maybe the reason coverage has inherent bias against women is because we seem primed to accept the President as Top Authority/President as CEO models
@soychicka 5/8/2019 8 When @maddow mentioned Trump's 1989 interest income likely coming from high yield bonds, that reminded me of something I just read...
@soychicka 5/10/2019 12 When Trump and his followers say they are for "Law and order," they aren't lying. But they aren't talking about the rule of law, the enforcement of the codified laws of the land
@soychicka 5/14/2019 9 Prohibiting a woman from terminating a pregnancy in cases of rape/incest is no different from a state-sponsored 9-month extension of the rape
@soychicka 5/15/2019 8 In the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation hearing today on the Boeing 737 MAX, @RepBalderson started this disingenuous exchange:
@soychicka 5/15/2019 8 The fact is that the aircraft was 2 months over the 5 year time limit allowed for type certifications of transport-class aircraft Subtitle: Presidential Chutzpah
@soychicka 5/16/2019 7 Has anybody noticed this gem from the Citizens United FOIA request, stating that Putin was indeed responsible for Mikhail Lesin's death? And for trying to oust one of Vladik's mistresses?
@soychicka 5/16/2019 10 If children born abroad out-of-wedlock have no birthright citizenship & they're trying to undermine /jus soli/ too, what does that mean for children born out-of-wedlock to mothers who were forced to carry children to term? Are they stateless? Will they be considered US persons?
@soychicka 5/17/2019 10 Clearly the GOP needs to be given a choice: Start playing nice with the investigations into the Trump administration, or with all that time left, @OversightDems will have plenty of time to start investigating the rampant ties to sexual predators of children within the GOP.
@soychicka 5/19/2019 19 Take a look at some of what Russian hackers got their hands on before the primaries... ? Niche dating sites
@soychicka 5/20/2019 10 Does this indicate the State Dept. had to pay a membership fee at Mar-a-Lago?
@soychicka 5/22/2019 8 I've been waiting to see someone address this in regards to the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower: Do you really think he'd just be sitting upstairs without listening in?
@spicyfiiesredux 1/1/2019 0 Click here for Spicy's blog on MadDogPac
It's all there folks.Can't keep a good Mic down.
@spicyfiiesredux 3/19/2019 11 Affidavit Cohen search Warrant
@spicyfiiesredux 3/27/2019 8 This is Gen Flynn’s Marshall Plan...hold my Red Bull because I have a lot to say about this
@spicyfiiesredux 3/28/2019 16 HPSCI Putin’s Playbook I thought this might be helpful...
@spicyfiiesredux 4/2/2019 12 Dear Dolt45, Heard you got bench slapped, again
@spicyfiiesredux 4/3/2019 6 Weird just weird...the DOJ announced this on March 29th Motty Mizrahi, 46, of Encino, and Sassi Mizrahi, 53 arrest in a fake investment scheme Brothers
@spicyfiiesredux 4/4/2019 6 23 REASONS TO STFU Dolt 45
@spicyfiiesredux 4/7/2019 8 Siri: please see if the DOJ FARA Unit has made a demand for Facebook to register...
@spicyfiiesredux 4/9/2019 7 What??Fresh??HELL??IS??THIS??Madness?? Is it time to once again unload my KKKobach File?
@spicyfiiesredux 4/9/2019 28 Patten & Government Sentencing Memo
@spicyfiiesredux 4/10/2019 18 Dear William P Barr I have a TON of questions for you
Spicy does incredible sleuth work and posts in Twitter and her blog. IDK what becomes of things like this tho
@spicyfiiesredux 4/11/2019 5 You know who else loves Wikileaks
@spicyfiiesredux 4/12/2019 10 Greg Craig FARA
@spicyfiiesredux 4/13/2019 11 Click for Spicy's blog onMadDogPac
@spicyfiiesredux 4/13/2019 11 Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989
@spicyfiiesredux 4/14/2019 8 Joshua Schulte, CIA & Wikileaks
@spicyfiiesredux 4/14/2019 11 Did no one read the transcripts?
@spicyfiiesredux 4/15/2019 7 Dear Flynn & Covington Weird how Judge Trenga’s Order denying your Motion to quash raised the same exact issues I did. EAT IT. I TOLD YOU SO
@spicyfiiesredux 4/15/2019 6 Mr Shulte is that really what you’re going with?
@spicyfiiesredux 4/16/2019 10 UniCredit Group Banks Agree to Pay Over $1.3 Billion for Violating Sanctions
@spicyfiiesredux 4/17/2019 8 Barr’s Playbook: He Misled Congress When Omitting Parts of Justice Dep’t Memo in 1989
@spicyfiiesredux 4/18/2019 5 I’m going to read the whole report before I tweet/blog about it
@spicyfiiesredux 4/18/2019 7 HOW MANY RELATED CASES JULIAN?
Spicy's "Court Records Bloodhound 101" course
@spicyfiiesredux 4/18/2019 7 what’s important vs. unimportant factual news vs. fake news propaganda vs. legitimate questions
@spicyfiiesredux 4/19/2019 22 Dear [REDACTED]
@spicyfiiesredux 4/19/2019 6 Tamarac Resident Arrested for Making Multiple Threats to Members of Congress
@spicyfiiesredux 4/19/2019 5 this move by Trump seems rather vindictive & petty...
@spicyfiiesredux 4/19/2019 7 I have a few questions
@spicyfiiesredux 4/20/2019 11 Butina you want time SERVED How about you give up the NRA and GOP?
@spicyfiiesredux 4/20/2019 8 Happy Saturday How many “proffers”?
@spicyfiiesredux 4/21/2019 11 Full disclosure these are my opinions, unless otherwise noted.
Thoughtful comments re: timing considerations.
@spicyfiiesredux 4/21/2019 5 Pruitt EPA issues.
@spicyfiiesredux 4/22/2019 7 Trump sues in bid to block congressional subpoena of financial records
Discovery should be interesting!
@spicyfiiesredux 4/23/2019 10 Does anyone have a viable reason as to why Butina would want to move to a Fed Prison in Pennsylvania?
@spicyfiiesredux 4/24/2019 5 Trump's coming Deutche treat
Don't be counting those chckens, dotard!
@spicyfiiesredux 4/24/2019 9 Dear Maria, Contrary to conventional wisdom I think you should stay here in America but in a Federal Prison
Spicey is a great researcher and entertaining to boot.
@spicyfiiesredux 4/24/2019 6 Are you insane, drunk, high or complicit @jaredkushner ? “A few Facebook ads” Try $1M per months
@spicyfiiesredux 4/25/2019 9 Dear DOJ - you’ve made a significant tactical error and I’m certain Greg Craig knows it too
@spicyfiiesredux 4/25/2019 6 Dear @HouseDemocrats stop using the DC Playbook. Trump doesn’t play by the rules or laws.
@spicyfiiesredux 4/26/2019 5 nothing in the Butina docket suggests that AG Barr personally intervened seeking to deport Butina
once again, Spicy is spot-on
@spicyfiiesredux 4/26/2019 5 Need I remind you that RIGHT NOW we have a man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who:
Couldn't have said it better myself, Spicy. I'm Riden with Biden
@spicyfiiesredux 4/27/2019 7 When you as a candidate are using AI & astro-turf on steroids to force the social media narrative That’s a nonstarter for me. Full Stop
Re: Yang pt. 2
@spicyfiiesredux 4/27/2019 10 Hey anyone know if the DOJ has ordered the NRA to file pursuant to FARA regs
@spicyfiiesredux 4/27/2019 6 The “run up” if you will to Wayne’s extortion allegations from Ackerman McQueen appear to stem from the 4/15/2019 lawsuit.
@spicyfiiesredux 4/27/2019 6 Question is will the White House have a DOJ Attorney there with a zap collar, precluding Kline from actually answering.
@spicyfiiesredux 4/27/2019 5 Welcome to 2019....
Re: "Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Get a Stricter Twitter Babysitter"
@spicyfiiesredux 4/27/2019 5 I did nazi that coming at all VICAR is like RICO but far more Violent
@spicyfiiesredux 4/28/2019 9 Contempt of Congress... With any hope you’ll have a broader understanding of the various flavors available to House Democrats
@spicyfiiesredux 4/28/2019 5 Houston we have a problem
Re: Yang pt. 3
@suzannewinland 1/2/2019 17 ONE MORE DAY
@tburages 3/21/2019 33 Remember all those Fox twitter accounts that went dark right around the midterms?
@teri_kanefield 11/9/2016 0 Click this link to Teri's blog. Most (all?) of her threads are duplicated there
Go to Teri's blog for her Musing About Law, Books, and Politics - and her complete series on the Mueller Report
@teri_kanefield 2/21/2019 10 Russia as the savior for American White Supremacy
See Teri's blog for all her threads. Here is the link to this one: see my
@teri_kanefield 4/19/2019 20 Mueller found links galore
@teri_kanefield 4/20/2019 11 All those links—but no “coordination.” How can that be?
@teri_kanefield 4/21/2019 25 Reading The Mueller Report VI
@teri_kanefield 4/21/2019 10 Reading the Mueller Report VII: The Facts
@teri_kanefield 4/22/2019 21 Reading the Mueller Report, VIII
See Teri's blog for the continuing series:
@teri_kanefield 4/23/2019 17 Dear Sen. Graham: Did you read Report?
@teri_kanefield 4/25/2019 17 Impeachment: Preliminary Considerations
@teri_kanefield 4/27/2019 20 Trump and the Limits of Criminal Law
@teri_kanefield 4/28/2019 8 Mueller Report Round up
@teri_kanefield 4/29/2019 16 Impeachment: The Danger
@teri_kanefield 4/30/2019 30 Impeachment: What’s next?
@teri_kanefield 5/2/2019 25 Barr gave the same defense of Trump that Trump surrogates (Dershowitz, Giuliani, etc.) have been making all year.
@teri_kanefield 5/3/2019 9 How Impeachment Works
@teri_kanefield 5/4/2019 5 As the truth about Trump is brought more into the open, he will resort to tactics intended to keep the left spinning and outraged, and his base energized. Trump is not planning a traditional legal defense
1 of 3
@teri_kanefield 5/5/2019 6 Sunday / Weekly Summary
@teri_kanefield 5/6/2019 10 What’s going on with the Trump-Fox-GOP?
@teri_kanefield 5/8/2019 16 I assume you're talking about the article that appeared today, Nancy Pelosi, saying Trump is taunting the Dems to impeach him
@teri_kanefield 5/10/2019 14 The View From the Right & Why it’s Wrong:
@teri_kanefield 5/11/2019 6 impeachment is both political and legal. If it has to lean one way or the other, I'd say it leans political. Here's why.
@teri_kanefield 5/13/2019 14 Expect More Trump-GOP Lawbreaking
@teri_kanefield 5/15/2019 21 Trump’s Subpoena Battles Subtitle: Presidential Chutzpah
@teri_kanefield 5/18/2019 22 We're in for quite a bit more Trump-GOP lawbreaking, I'm afraid.
@teri_kanefield 5/19/2019 18 You say you “reached a different conclusion” than Justin Amash and the Mueller Report doesn’t establish that Trump obstructed justice.
Teri just flattens Romney
@teri_kanefield 5/20/2019 16 Strategies for Communication
Wise counsel. Take heed!
@teri_kanefield 5/22/2019 5 Consider this possibility: Trump wants to be impeached.
He thrives on complaining he's being picked on. It is how he avoids admitting to himself he is an abject failure. Impeachment would give him his personal "I coulda been a contenda" but for the mean Dems.
@teri_kanefield 5/22/2019 21 Trump v. The Judiciary
@therickwilson 4/25/2019 7 I post a fairly anodyne tweet that Biden is in and my TL floods with a) Angry MAGAs, and B) Angry B*ernie Bros
@timinhonolulu 4/27/2019 10 Congress may not have the tools to defend us from a treasonous @WhiteHouse and treasonous @SenateGOP majority.
@timinhonolulu 4/28/2019 5 When the reign of the Shah of Iran started to fall, he fled to NYC for medical care and exile. I was a line manager at the hotel where he stayed in NYC.
no receipts provided for the assertion at end
@timinhonolulu 5/2/2019 7 Some comments on Mueller's letter
@timinhonolulu 5/3/2019 5 Why is the White House so panicked? It may be that @FBIWFO and the Counterintelligence National Security Division DOJ team are going through the process of preparing FISA intercept based material to turn over to the Gang of Eight.
@timinhonolulu 5/3/2019 5 leaking of SAR that exposed transaction that appear to have been related to Peter W. Smith.
@timinhonolulu 5/4/2019 5 The @GOP has been the party of hate for decades. Now they have become traitors too.
@timinhonolulu 5/5/2019 7 Because I expect many @GOP including @SenateGOP & @HouseGOP may be charged with Treason in 2021, I've been trying to understand Constitution's Art III Treason clause 3,
@timinhonolulu 5/7/2019 7 I have actively lived through two calls for Presidential impeachment. My brother was the AG's chief of staff for one. it only works, as it was intended, when the President's own party wants the President out too
@timinhonolulu 5/7/2019 9 . The White House is clearly trying to delay. Had they wanted to litigate the documents they should have gone to court right away. Instead they waited until compliance was due to interfere.
@timinhonolulu 5/8/2019 6 The GOP is setting the stage for its compete destruction. With few exceptions the 21 @SenateGOP seats are now all in play. The Democrats need to start calling all members of the GOP Russian turned traitors.
@timinhonolulu 5/8/2019 7 IMO House should open impeachment proceedings but obstruction should not be principal focus. He obstructed to conceal treason. That should be focus & what any reviewing court would have for the basis for urgency to act immediately to overrule further @WhiteHouse obstruction.
Tim is making excellent points in these several threads. The State of Emergency is TREASON. Fast-track everything.
@timinhonolulu 5/9/2019 5 If the framers actually believed that states can't charge a treasonous tyrant in control of the White House, who achieved office by joining forces with an enemy engaged in attacking us, don't you think they would have mentioned that in the Constitution?
@timinhonolulu 5/9/2019 5 My read of the Special Counsel Reg is that Barr has no control over Mueller other than to remove him.
@timinhonolulu 5/10/2019 8 What @realDonaldTrump has to fear isn't just Russia or obstruction. His lifetime of tax abuse is about to be exposed. He could be in Bankruptcy by June.
@timinhonolulu 5/10/2019 8 the House and Senate nibble at abortion rights, but, when was the last time they debated banning it?
@timinhonolulu 5/11/2019 5 My first Trump related @FBIWFO #FOIA foray was Sept 1, 2016, to prove Fred Trump was a Nazi. That might be about Chapter 5 in my Trump book. My first Trump related @FBIWFO #FOIA foray was Sept 1, 2016, to prove Fred Trump was a Nazi.
@timinhonolulu 5/12/2019 6 @GOP wants the investigation to go away because these @SenateGOP and most of the current @HouseGOP took Russian money in 2016 and are traitors too. 29 states can open treason grand juries & start building cases.
@timinhonolulu 5/14/2019 5 Reports that the full underacted #MuellerReport has been delivered to Judge Amy Berman Jackson are likely incorrect. Here is the notice. She had specifically asked for pages 41 to 65 of Vol 1.
@timinhonolulu 5/14/2019 7 IMO @RudyGiuliani committed an obvious violation of 52 USC 30121(a)(2), by soliciting Ukrainian contribution on behalf of @realDonaldTrump. That dust up woke me up. You know who knows of another "30121(a)(2)" violation? Bob Mueller does, that's who
I love it. Anybody gonna do anything with it?
@timinhonolulu 5/15/2019 5 Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing: Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing: Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing: Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing:
more mystery…
@timinhonolulu 5/15/2019 10 . Besides sending us Dems into a tizzy, the #AlabamaAbortionBill may do one thing almost for certain: Reelect @DougJones to the Senate.
@timinhonolulu 5/17/2019 10 This is going to be epic. I reported when this started a Russian goal was to weaken FISA. They hate it because it catches traitors. IMO exposing 702 sources and methods will hurt national security but it may be a price we pay for electing a scoundrel.
@timinhonolulu 5/17/2019 12 Is Mueller jerking judge Sullivan around? I think so.
@timinhonolulu 5/19/2019 6 NB this stuff is by law secret. Ask Natalie Edwards: MT Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts
@timinhonolulu 5/19/2019 7 Judge Mehta’s order and link to memo opinion in House vs Mazars subpoena fight. No stay so this will move very fast. IMO days not weeks.
@timinhonolulu 5/21/2019 5 Trump appeal is docketed in the DC Circuit.
Lordy I hope this plays this way
@timinhonolulu 5/22/2019 9 There is no immunity for criminal acts. Cipilone is just acting as a mob Consigliere.
@toestringrd 8/23/2018 25 Firtash and Davis
@toestringrd 9/7/2018 81 the truth behind Russia's "NSA Spying" op.
@toestringrd 10/22/2018 31 And so my point this morning is that THIS is how Mr. Trump was elected in the firstplace:
@tomjchicago 3/17/2019 6 Barr knows who talked and Trump has not attacked them
@tomjchicago 3/18/2019 5 Speculation is that Trump's mental breakdown was caused by receiving bad news.
@tomjchicago 3/23/2019 8 We have a National Security event taking place right now
@tomjchicago 3/24/2019 12 analyzing Mueller's move from a warfare or chess match perspective, no indictments makes sense.
@tomjchicago 3/24/2019 11 Barr's letter is not Mueller's report.
@tomjchicago 3/26/2019 5 The obvious take: Trump's heard it was bad, exploded & ordered Barr to x it.
@tomjchicago 3/27/2019 7 Trump’s Frontotemporal dementia i
@tomjchicago 3/28/2019 7 Mueller knows Trump has dementia, which makes T's intent, responsibity & charges an unknown
@tomjchicago 3/31/2019 5 Trumps need a miracle to get out of the monster mess they created.
@tomjchicago 4/1/2019 6 Compromise is for legislation, this is about facts from a crime & treason investigation
@tomjchicago 4/2/2019 9 Trump is losing it bad. He went from clown to psycho during his presser w/ Nato Sec Gen Stoltenberg
@tomjchicago 4/3/2019 8 1 Give & Get. When negotiating, you only give, when you get something back
@tomjchicago 4/5/2019 5 It's good that Mueller’s team is speaking out a/b Barr.
@tomjchicago 4/6/2019 8 Trump's Frontotemporal Dementia is degenerative
@tomjchicago 4/7/2019 11 1 Trump’s mental decline is widely accepted as fact now
@tomjchicago 4/9/2019 9 I'm still convinced a Trump resignation deal is on the table,
@tomjchicago 4/11/2019 7 Trump is getting skewered online on Assange's arrest & Wikileaks.
@tomjchicago 4/11/2019 5 attached is a Barr mobile translator...
@tomjchicago 4/13/2019 9 Heads up- Trump is losing, big time.
@tomjchicago 4/14/2019 5 Two days after the Nov 6 election wipeout, Fox News stopped tweeting & Murdoch paid Mitch a visit.
@tomjchicago 4/16/2019 6 If Trump hasn’t made a deal to resign b4 Barr's Mueller report drops, the House must immediately & officially commence impeachment hearings.
@tomjchicago 4/17/2019 5 Mueller report checklist:
@tomjchicago 4/20/2019 11 Mueller Report thoughts: I envy speed-readers & can't imagine how ppl have read it thru it all.
@tomjchicago 4/23/2019 6 Kush casually downplayed Russia’s attack on America. Instead of echoing Mueller’s “sweeping & systematic”, he called it “a couple of Facebook ads”.
I could not despise these people more. I would not piss on Kush if he was on fire.
@tomjchicago 5/9/2019 11 Weeks after the release of Mueller’s redacted report, it’s clear that we are seeing only a fraction of Trump's long term treason.
@tomjchicago 5/19/2019 8 Trump has no chance of finishing his term. He’s been able to hang on thru GOP & Barr conspiracy, criminal lack of honor, secrecy, propaganda & dumb luck.
@tomjchicago 5/23/2019 5 It's going to get ugly- I mean uglier. Every day Trump remains in office, he'll put on a pathetic, panic display as his lifeline- a wall of secrecy- crumbles.
@trumpnado2016 4/22/2019 14 The Impeachment Process:
Excellent overall process description. Facts. Read before opining.
@usseriously 11/23/2018 37 Aleksander Porfiryevich Torshin
@varin 11/9/2018 34 Democracy(??) in action
@votepulver 4/28/2019 8 As a NICU nurse, I served on the “Bereavement Team.” We were a special team of Nurses tough enough to help new parents go through the worst day of their lives.
This is a MUST READ! Don't let dotard con your MAGA relatives. Show them this.
@will_bunch 3/8/2019 28 Insurance fraud
@yappelbaum 4/24/2019 12 why the power to impeach, and then try, a president is vested in the House and Senate, and not the Supreme Court.
Must Read! The Founder's deliberations prior to and during the draftin of the Constitution are critical to understanding the document itself.
@yappelbaum 5/1/2019 5 I am finding it utterly impossible to reconcile Barr’s testimony on Mueller's analysis of obstruction, with Mueller’s actual analysis of obstruction
@yappelbaum 5/2/2019 11 In January, I mounted the case that impeachment is the proper, constitutional mechanism for resolving allegations of criminal misconduct against a sitting president:
@yappelbaum 5/23/2019 9 . Even if—like Pelosi—you believe that no amount of evidence, no shift in public opinion, could possibly move sufficient votes in the Senate to remove the president, the process of impeachment still delivers five discrete constitutional benefits
@yourcoj 4/11/2019 14 congressional power with regards to subpoena power, enforcement and contempt of congress
@zac_petkanas 10/13/2018 5 It's easy to forget that the reason the GOP acts the way it does is that it's in the process of dying a slow and painful death
@zac_petkanas 4/22/2019 5 Senate Watergate Committee held nationally televised public hearings educating the public before the House Judiciary Committee began impeachment proceedings.
Listen to Zac!
NYT 4/30/2019 0 NYT article on Mueller letter to Barr