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Author: Teri Kanefield @teri_kanefield
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5/22/2019 21 Trump v. The Judiciary
5/22/2019 5 Consider this possibility: Trump wants to be impeached.
He thrives on complaining he's being picked on. It is how he avoids admitting to himself he is an abject failure. Impeachment would give him his personal "I coulda been a contenda" but for the mean Dems.
5/20/2019 16 Strategies for Communication
Wise counsel. Take heed!
5/19/2019 18 You say you “reached a different conclusion” than Justin Amash and the Mueller Report doesn’t establish that Trump obstructed justice.
Teri just flattens Romney
5/18/2019 22 We're in for quite a bit more Trump-GOP lawbreaking, I'm afraid.
5/15/2019 21 Trump’s Subpoena Battles Subtitle: Presidential Chutzpah
5/13/2019 14 Expect More Trump-GOP Lawbreaking
5/11/2019 6 impeachment is both political and legal. If it has to lean one way or the other, I'd say it leans political. Here's why.
5/10/2019 14 The View From the Right & Why it’s Wrong:
5/8/2019 16 I assume you're talking about the article that appeared today, Nancy Pelosi, saying Trump is taunting the Dems to impeach him
5/6/2019 10 What’s going on with the Trump-Fox-GOP?
5/5/2019 6 Sunday / Weekly Summary
5/4/2019 5 As the truth about Trump is brought more into the open, he will resort to tactics intended to keep the left spinning and outraged, and his base energized. Trump is not planning a traditional legal defense
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5/3/2019 9 How Impeachment Works
5/2/2019 25 Barr gave the same defense of Trump that Trump surrogates (Dershowitz, Giuliani, etc.) have been making all year.
4/30/2019 30 Impeachment: What’s next?
4/29/2019 16 Impeachment: The Danger
4/28/2019 8 Mueller Report Round up
4/27/2019 20 Trump and the Limits of Criminal Law
4/25/2019 17 Impeachment: Preliminary Considerations
4/23/2019 17 Dear Sen. Graham: Did you read Report?
4/22/2019 21 Reading the Mueller Report, VIII
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4/21/2019 10 Reading the Mueller Report VII: The Facts
4/21/2019 25 Reading The Mueller Report VI
4/20/2019 11 All those links—but no “coordination.” How can that be?
4/19/2019 20 Mueller found links galore
2/21/2019 10 Russia as the savior for American White Supremacy
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