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Author: Lulu Le Mew @lululemew
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5/21/2019 17 Just some Cohen testimony highlights
5/14/2019 14 D.C. radio station is a Russian agent, federal judge rules
5/11/2019 26 Jeffrey Esptein case: Victims' attorneys blast prosecutors' timetable
5/10/2019 30 Feds open foreign-money investigation into Trump donor Cindy Yang
5/10/2019 17 Documents Detail Meetings Of Russians With Treasury, Federal Reserve
5/8/2019 11 Exclusive: Mueller fought release of Comey memos to prevent Trump and others from changing stories - CNN Politics
5/8/2019 5 Now ask yourself how many others who suddenly & inexplicably endorsed Trump were in the same situation.
Are you listening, Lindsey?
5/8/2019 7 Colorado school shooting victim died while charging at shooter,
Lulu says what most of us are thinking 24x7. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. We want sanity, kindness, empathy back in our government.
5/7/2019 19 For Paul Rosenzweig, who worked under Ken Starr, the question of being one of the 600+ fmr federal prosecutors to sign this week’s letter was one of intellectual consistency.
5/5/2019 7 False information and foreign influence enter society organically through myriad informational ports of entry,
4/27/2019 28 No Collusion? Not so fast
4/26/2019 16 Some examples of TRAITORS
copy/paste this link to thread if you want to fetch the pics
4/26/2019 6 If POTUS fails to uphold the Presidential oath, he should not reap benefits of DOJ non prosecution of POTUS policy.
4/25/2019 5 “Putin pays Trump...”
This'll make you feel better. I love the graphics.
4/25/2019 11 220 people rescued from sex and labor trafficking rings in West Africa
4/17/2019 31 Undercover spy targeted Kaspersky critics
4/17/2019 6 I’m tired of the lying, lawbreaking bullshit.
4/15/2019 57 Barr’s Playbook: He Misled Congress When Omitting Parts of Justice Dep’t Memo
4/15/2019 136 Jeffrey Epstein accuser goes public
4/13/2019 16 Swedbank addedto criminal probe by Etonian prosecutor
4/13/2019 15 Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents
4/12/2019 12 WH officials have tried to pressure USCIS to release detainees onto the streets of “sanctuary cities” as retaliation.
4/12/2019 10 DA knew Jeffrey Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency
4/8/2019 13 do one good deed per day
4/6/2019 65 The Serial Pedophile Blood on the Dance Floor singer is an expert at winning teenage girls' trust — and their silence.
4/2/2019 39 Nationwide fight to ban child marriage faces opposition and legislative deadlock
4/2/2019 20 Homeland Security Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit
4/1/2019 5 The Martin Act applies to almost any nancial transaction in Nystate
4/1/2019 10 Normal presidents age drastically while in ofce.
3/30/2019 21 Bezos inestigation IDs Saudis
3/30/2019 41 Remember this guy? Barry Krisher? Palm Beach County State Attorney during the Epstein investigation?
3/29/2019 122 Trump’s Treachery Goes Way Beyond Russia
3/29/2019 8 “did not establish” and “did not exonerate.”
3/28/2019 17 Trump has seized on Barr’s letter as an exoneration of himself
3/28/2019 45 Trump fin stmt lies about # of lots for sale
3/26/2019 28 Critical Part of Mueller's Report Barr Didn't Mention
3/25/2019 6 Sater Had Laundering Plans for Moscow Trump Tower, Bank Says
3/25/2019 43 Why Did Barr Share Only 4 Partial Sentences from Mueller Report?
3/24/2019 96 Alleged world's biggest facilitator of child porn extradited to US
3/21/2019 66 SC woman devotes life to saving sex trafficing victims
3/21/2019 21 South Florida sees a boom in 'birth tourism'
3/20/2019 23 The Enigmatic Russian Paying Maria Butina's Legal Bills
3/20/2019 38 Epstein’s secret plea deal victim didn’t even know she was
3/19/2019 27 Oligarch Firtash Praises Manafort, Says Trump Has 3rd-Grade Smart
3/18/2019 22 Feds Raid Broidy
3/18/2019 37 MbS brutality not just Khashoggi
3/16/2019 43 Cindy Yang Goes to Reception to meet Trump @ M-A-L
3/15/2019 34 Cindy Yang at Mar-A-Lago
3/14/2019 15 Facebook Criminal Investigation
3/14/2019 18 Sex Cult Leader Charged
11/28/2018 111 Jeffrey Epstein Detailed Record