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5/23/2019 @karolcummins 5/22/2019 20 Michael Cohen Filings Show 950 Messages With Russian Oligarch’s Cousin
5/23/2019 @aliasvaughn 5/22/2019 25 Remember Columbus Nova? it's an investment management firm controlled by RENOVA Group, owned by? Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.
5/23/2019 @gregolear 5/21/2019 6 This is one of my signs that the Trump presidency is almost over. Hope Hicks has been subpoenaed today.
5/23/2019 @jysexton 5/22/2019 6 our outdated concepts of masculinity are helping these people radicalize like ISIS.
5/23/2019 @karolcummins 5/21/2019 5 A conservative activist’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts
5/23/2019 @yappelbaum 5/23/2019 9 . Even if—like Pelosi—you believe that no amount of evidence, no shift in public opinion, could possibly move sufficient votes in the Senate to remove the president, the process of impeachment still delivers five discrete constitutional benefits
5/23/2019 @karolcummins 5/23/2019 13 Bank CEO Stephen M. Calk Charged With Corruptly Soliciting A Presidential Administration Position In Exchange For Approving $16 Million In Loans
5/23/2019 @kelly2277 5/23/2019 7 Michael Cohen texted 950 times w Victor Vekselberg’s cousin, Andrew Intrater - but wait- keep reading about BTA Bank ?? and remember the Sater and Trump SoHo money laundering story?
5/23/2019 @mollymckew 5/22/2019 6 do yourself a favor and watch the Amazon docuseries, produced by @JordanPeele, "Lorena".
5/23/2019 @soychicka 5/22/2019 8 I've been waiting to see someone address this in regards to the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower: Do you really think he'd just be sitting upstairs without listening in?
5/23/2019 @teri_kanefield 5/22/2019 21 Trump v. The Judiciary
5/23/2019 @teri_kanefield 5/22/2019 5 Consider this possibility: Trump wants to be impeached.
He thrives on complaining he's being picked on. It is how he avoids admitting to himself he is an abject failure. Impeachment would give him his personal "I coulda been a contenda" but for the mean Dems.
5/23/2019 @timinhonolulu 5/21/2019 5 Trump appeal is docketed in the DC Circuit.
Lordy I hope this plays this way
5/23/2019 @tomjchicago 5/23/2019 5 It's going to get ugly- I mean uglier. Every day Trump remains in office, he'll put on a pathetic, panic display as his lifeline- a wall of secrecy- crumbles.
5/23/2019 @jysexton 5/22/2019 9 All right. Let’s talk about the Warren story. The headline is written the way it is because it attracts the most attention possible
5/21/2019 @admiralmpj 5/20/2019 12 I'm not a Lawyer, but I have a particular view when it comes to Impeachment.
5/21/2019 @timinhonolulu 5/19/2019 7 Judge Mehta’s order and link to memo opinion in House vs Mazars subpoena fight. No stay so this will move very fast. IMO days not weeks.
5/21/2019 @timinhonolulu 5/22/2019 9 There is no immunity for criminal acts. Cipilone is just acting as a mob Consigliere.
5/21/2019 @ninaandtito 5/21/2019 6 dumb Kardashian-style palace intrigue outrage porn, courtesy of access "journalist" #MaggieDurantyHaberman right after House releases Cohen transcripts which contain DAMNING AF info about tRUmp's inner circle. Surprise!
5/21/2019 @lululemew 5/21/2019 17 Just some Cohen testimony highlights
5/21/2019 @karolcummins 5/21/2019 18 The New German Anti-Semitism