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5/22/2019 8 I've been waiting to see someone address this in regards to the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower: Do you really think he'd just be sitting upstairs without listening in?
5/20/2019 10 Does this indicate the State Dept. had to pay a membership fee at Mar-a-Lago?
5/19/2019 19 Take a look at some of what Russian hackers got their hands on before the primaries... ? Niche dating sites
5/17/2019 10 Clearly the GOP needs to be given a choice: Start playing nice with the investigations into the Trump administration, or with all that time left, @OversightDems will have plenty of time to start investigating the rampant ties to sexual predators of children within the GOP.
5/16/2019 7 Has anybody noticed this gem from the Citizens United FOIA request, stating that Putin was indeed responsible for Mikhail Lesin's death? And for trying to oust one of Vladik's mistresses?
5/16/2019 10 If children born abroad out-of-wedlock have no birthright citizenship & they're trying to undermine /jus soli/ too, what does that mean for children born out-of-wedlock to mothers who were forced to carry children to term? Are they stateless? Will they be considered US persons?
5/15/2019 8 The fact is that the aircraft was 2 months over the 5 year time limit allowed for type certifications of transport-class aircraft Subtitle: Presidential Chutzpah
5/15/2019 8 In the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation hearing today on the Boeing 737 MAX, @RepBalderson started this disingenuous exchange:
5/14/2019 9 Prohibiting a woman from terminating a pregnancy in cases of rape/incest is no different from a state-sponsored 9-month extension of the rape
5/10/2019 12 When Trump and his followers say they are for "Law and order," they aren't lying. But they aren't talking about the rule of law, the enforcement of the codified laws of the land
5/8/2019 8 When @maddow mentioned Trump's 1989 interest income likely coming from high yield bonds, that reminded me of something I just read...
5/3/2019 12 Maybe the reason coverage has inherent bias against women is because we seem primed to accept the President as Top Authority/President as CEO models
5/1/2019 7 In case it's not clear, the attached PDF contains complete specs for, and photos of Epstein's plane, aka the "Lolita Express."
4/30/2019 7 With respect, @acog should state unequivocally that anyone who takes the actions described Saturday is subject to loss of license & criminal prosecution.
4/29/2019 5 There is so much wrong with the BERN app
4/25/2019 15 So, Putin is convincing Kim to denuclearize... and just a week after the Mueller report drops publicly?
4/25/2019 6 I'm sorry, no. While you're in prison, you don't get to vote.
4/19/2019 9 I think @DonnyDeutsch has been spot on with how to frame the importance of the Mueller report:
4/19/2019 12 legislation to address prosecution of federal crimes committed by an otherwise protected President?