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Dec. 30, 2022
Hi. I’m Kaz. I am an 11 year old Olde English Bulldogge. 

I lived with my first pack from when I was a puppy until I was two. Then I went to a new pack and stayed with them until I was 10-1/2. I loved it there and loved my dad a lot. But he had to move somewhere I could not go. They tried to find me a new home for a long time but there are a lot of dogs looking for homes and not many people want a “senior” like me. Finally they took me to a noisy, scary place and I had to stay in a box made with wire and I hated it. I barked. I barked until I was exhausted and went to sleep. Then I woke up and barked again. After a couple of days some people came and took me to their house to wait for a new home to be found. After a few months they decided this IS the new home!  I am going to tell stories about how wonderful it is that even though I am a "senior" I can find a new home, give new people the love I had for the others, teach them to behave properly and treat me like a princess.

January 1, 2023
When I first came here in April, 2022 I thought the people were nice and I was glad they took me from that noisy scary place but I did not know why I was not at my home. They fed me and took care of me and that made me feel safe. They made a room for me in their bedroom. It had a fence and a gate and a big bed. I wanted to sleep on their bed but I had to use mine.

But in the daytime they let me get on the couch!   Kaz on couch  They put a cover on it and a cozy blanket.
It was all different from my home where I was just a week before and I missed my pack. But we took a walk the same time every day and they fed me at the same time every day so I quickly learned what to expect in my new pack and I learned the neighborhood so I felt better.

I'm going to call my new people "mom" and "dad." When I first got here I felt better around dad because in my old pack there was just a man and me. When dad worked at his computer I slept under his desk. When he worked in the garage they put a bed in a place with a gate by the door to inside and I could stay there and know where he was. When he went away I stayed inside by the door to the garage until he came home.
Mom was very nice, making sure I was comfortable. Pretty soon I decided this was home!

January 7, 2023
I will explain more later but I just want to say when we got back from our car ride & walk this morning dad told mom I got an A plus plus! I am not sure but I think that means I was a VERY GOOD GIRL! I know I tried to be. It is hard to keep from barking at everything & trying to chase all the cars but I did. There were a lot of things I wanted to bark at but I didn't. Mom was happy & dad gave me a special treat.

 See, when I lived with my old pack they did not understand how excited I am at some things. When I go for a walk I can't wait to see whatever there is to see wherever we are going. So I try to run. I am super strong, so when I try to run I think I could pull a train! The other thing was they thought I was afraid of car rides. I LOVE car rides. I love seeing everything moving! I especially love seeing cars going fast. When I am riding in a car I want to see everything out every window and when I am excited
I bark.
A lot.
They thought I was afraid but dad said I am like a kid on a carnival ride, whatever that is. He said kids scream and yell and wave their arms and that is what I am doing. At first mom and dad were taking me in the car to places for a nice walk. But mom said we should just walk in our neighborhood until I walked better. So we did that and we all walked. Mom held my leashes and dad talked to me to get me to look at him. When I did he gave me a treat! That made walks more fun because when I looked around I saw stuff so I did not want to go so fast. I could even stop sometimes to look at a squirrel or bunny. But not dogs! When I saw dogs walking or cars driving by
I barked.
A lot.
And I wanted to go see them so I tried to run. Tried hard. Real hard. But mom and dad talked to me and did things like turn me around to go the other way. Then mom went to visit somebody. She was gone for a month. So dad took care of me. We went for walks with just us. He taught me some things. Some I already knew but nobody had asked me to do them in a long time, like shake hands. We had a lot of fun doing stuff like that. He would hide treats and I had to find them.

After a few days after our walk he said lets go for a ride! He fixed up the car with a place for me and drove real slow just near the house and told me to be quiet. If I stayed quiet he threw me treats. We could look at each other in the mirror. We did that every day. We went farther and faster. We started going back to the fun places to walk. I still got excited, especially if we stopped where there was another road and lots of cars were going by fast. That was really hard for me. Dad said it was ok if I whine; just don't be crazy.

So this explains what I told about yesterday, when dad said I got an A plus plus. We drove not very far to a place to walk. 
I did not bark once.
We got out and walked around at a school and on a sidewalk by a road. Lots of cars went by.
I did not bark. I did not try to chase.
We saw a couple of dogs. I did not care.
Then we drove home. I did not bark.

January 22, 2023
I got to play a game I played a long time ago!
Mom got me a new toy that I love to chew on and I have been doing that for more than two days.
Two is as far as I can count, but I know two! I get two treats at bedtime and they can't cheat me because I KNOW!
Anyway, mom picked up that ball and threw it and I went to get it and remembered the game so I took it to her and put it in her hand.
She threw it again and again! I taught her the game! It felt so good! It was like when I taught dad to shake hands!

January27, 2023
Today it was very cold and windy but I still reall really wanted my walk.
Dad finally agreed to a little one because
I barked.
A lot.
They don't like that and I try not to but sometimes I just can't help myself.
He put on our coats and we walked to the end of the street and back.
Then we went for a ride in the car.
On the way back on our walk we saw a lady we have seen a lot.
Her pack is like ours except there are two dogs and they are little.
A long time ago when they were walking their dogs mom and dad took me a different way because
I barked.
A lot.
At their dogs. And when they drove by
I barked.
A lot.
At their car.
But now when they drive by I move over like dad says and just look at them and they wave.
And when I see their  little dogs I just keep going unless they bark at me and them I tell them to shut up but I don't try to go see them.
So when we passed that lady she told dad how nice I am now! She said she was impressed.
I think she thought I am a VERY GOOD GIRL!