Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Bald Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Location: Oak trees at back of lot

Range: The bald eagle's natural range covers most of North America, including most of Canada, all of the continental United States, and northern Mexico; winter visitor to this area
The plumage of an adult bald eagle is evenly dark brown with a white head and tail. The tail is moderately long and slightly wedge-shaped. Males and females are identical in plumage coloration, but sexual dimorphism is evident in the species, in that females are 25% larger than males. The beak, feet and irises are bright yellow. The legs are feather-free, and the toes are short and powerful with large talons. The highly developed talon of the hind toe is used to pierce the vital areas of prey while it is held immobile by the front toes. The beak is large and hooked, with a yellow cere. The adult bald eagle is unmistakable in its native range.
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Genus: Haliaeetus (Sea Eagle)
Family: Accipitridae (hawks, eagles, kites, harriers and Old World vultures)
Order: Falconiformes (diurnal birds of prey)
Class: Aves (Birds)
Phylum/Division: Chordata (Spinal chorded)
Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)