Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Pasque Flower
Anemone patens
Location: North side of driveway on sunny slope

Range: This species is native to both North America and Eurasia. Habitats include hill prairies, gravel prairies, and barrens with scant woody vegetation
The very first prairie flower of spring, Pasque Flower is a signal that winterís icy grip is loosening on the land. Delicate white to lavender flowers emerge before the leaves, often just after the snow has melted. The silvery seedheads are almost as attractive as the flowers. Much sought after by rock gardeners, this is a perfect plant for dry sandy and gravelly soils. Pasque Flower does best in slightly alkaline soil, with a pH between 7.0 and 8.0. This plant requires excellent drainage, it should be grown in rocky and sandy soils that never experience standing water. In Illinois, Pasque Flower is an uncommon plant that occurs only in extreme northern Illinois. It has been exterminated from many areas because of modern development.
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Genus: Anemone (Anemone)
Family: Ranunculaceae (buttercup family)
Order: Ranunculales (ranuncules)
Class: Liliopsida (Monocots)
Phylum/Division: Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants)
Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)