Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Lily of the valley
Convallaria majalis var. montana
Location: Edge of woods
C. majalis is a herbaceous perennial plant that forms extensive colonies by spreading underground stems called rhizomes. The stems grow to 15-30 cm tall, with one or two leaves 10-25 cm long, flowering stems have two leaves and a raceme of 5-15 flowers on the stem apex. The flowers are white tepals (rarely pink), bell-shaped, 5-10 mm diameter, and sweetly scented; flowering is in late spring, in mild winters in early March. All parts, including the berries, of the Lily of the Valley are highly poisonous.
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Genus: Convallaria (Lily of the Valley)
Family: Ruscaceae (ruscaceae)
Order: Asparagales (asparagales)
Class: Liliopsida (Monocots)
Phylum/Division: Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants)
Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)