Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Maple Leaved Alum Root
Heuchera villosa
Location: south edge under norway maples in front, also by red maple in back
Heuchera villosa 'Atropurpurea'combines burgundy foliage with stalks of long-blooming white flowers. This is one of the best plants for the woodland garden! Native to the Appalachian Mountains, this natural variation of the species is one of the largest of all the Alum Roots, with leaves up to a foot across. Grows one to two feet tall in rich, well-drained to slightly damp soil with good humus content. Blooms during the heat of August when most other woodland wildflowers are long gone.
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Genus: Heuchera (various North American herbaceous perennial plants)
Family: Saxifragaceae (perennial dicotyledonous herbs)
Order: Saxifragales (saxifragales)
Class: Magnoliopsida (Dicots)
Phylum/Division: Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants)
Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)