Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Calico Aster
Aster lateriflorus
Location: several spots along driveway
Brighten up the fall woodland garden with the unique flowers of this fine Aster. A myriad of white blooms with maroon and yellow centers cover the two to three foot tall stems in autumn. Flowers for an extended period, often right up to the first frost. Prefers well-drained soils, in partial to full shade. Add Calico Aster to woodland edges and open woodlands for a burst of late season color!
Genus: Aster (asters)
Family: Asteraceae (compositae ( aster, daisy, or sunflower family))
Order: Asterales (asterales)
Class: Magnoliopsida (Dicots)
Phylum/Division: Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants)
Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)