Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Striped skunk
Mephitis mephitis
Location: Prowl yard at night - raid squirrel feeder
The Striped Skunk has a black body with a white stripe along each side of its body; the two stripes join into a broader white area at the nape. Its forehead has a narrow white stripe. About the size of a house cat, it weighs 2.5 to 14 pounds (1.26.3 kg) with a body length (excluding the tail) of 13 to 18 inches (3346 cm). The bushy tail is 7 to 10 inches long (1825 cm), and sometimes has a white tip.
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Genus: Mephitis (skunks)
Family: Mephitidae (skunks)
Order: Carnivora (carnivores)
Class: Mammalia (Mammals)
Phylum/Division: Chordata (Spinal chorded)
Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)