Trillium Ridge Flora and Fauna
Red-winged Blackbird
Agelaius phoeniceus
Location: At feeders in early spring; usually a block away in marshland
One of the most abundant birds in North America, the Red-winged Blackbird is found in wetlands and agricultural areas across the continent. The black male can hide the brilliant red shoulders or show them off in a dazzling display. The striped female looks strikingly different than the male and could almost be mistaken for a large dark sparrow.
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Genus: Agelaius (American blackbirds)
Family: ICTERIDAE (blackbirds, orioles, and relatives)
Order: Passeriformes (perching birds)
Class: Aves (Birds)
Phylum/Division: Chordata (Spinal chorded)
Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)