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article by Don Cooley, AKA dbciii Grumpy Old Man @frogcycle on Twitter

I've been beating this drum since summer 2016, when trump emerged as the republican nominee. He was NOT the choice of most party establishment because they thought he could not win the general. But as he has moved forward and carried the vicious underbelly of the USA with him, they have all gotten in line. Two major points:

It gave us Hoover, runaway Wall Street leading to the Great Depression, and it fought FDR every step of the way in efforts to deal with it.
All the social programs like CCC, WPA, TVA, etc. were mocked, ridiculed, and fought, and Social Security was considered worst of all. But they managed to win an election with war hero Ike. Fact: the electorate at that time reflected jim crow and a "Stepford Wife" norm, in which few women worked outside the home and they voted the way their husbands did, if they voted.

So, when Nixon won largely on his "secret plan to end the war" combined with a backlash against the Great Society moves to undo jim crow and expand the "social safety net" with Voting Rights Act, Civil Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, he knew a "Southern Strategy" would be needed if they were to retain power. They carved out the heirs of the plantation owners and Indian fighters as a bloc to combat the progressive mood of the majority. Just as LBJ blew it and lost his position with VN, Nixon did so with Watergate. So the pendulum swung to Carter, who was a far better President than most give him credit for.

The winners write history, and that great man and great leader is mocked as ineffective. I was around back then; I know better. But through treasonous acts colluding with Iran's hostage takers, Reagan managed to win in a landslide. I remember vividly being at dinner with coworkers and commenting on a statement by Reagan's OMB head when a reporter asked about an elderly Black woman being evicted from her home because of their economic policies - he said "the Constitution does not guarantee you a house"; I was appalled by it, but when I mentioned it my coworkers all agreed with it. Their unspoken consensus was "screw her; she's black." I found a new job as soon as I could.

Fast-forward to summer 2016 - nothing new under the sun. Oligarchs working the "Southern Strategy" nationwide. Trump surprised them by emerging as candidate, but they basically said, hey, he got us a win when HRC was a shoo-in; let's lock in and seal the deal once and for all. Some knew about the Mob backing and manipulation, others may have just grabbed a wave.

We are now dealing with two major groups in this war for America's soul:
What's my point? I guess it is get over being appalled, shocked stunned, etc. This is a war that predates the Constitution. The concept of government of, by, for the People was radical then, and not everyone agreed with it. As the power of the ruling class to manipulate the People has eroded with things like Emancipation, New Deal, Great Society, they've adopted additional tactics and welcomed new allies.


They welcome it as long as it serves the two groups' purposes - ethnic cleansing, and oligarchic takeover eliminating the Great Experiment.

Don't bother arguing with them. Don't bother trying to shame them. Just get everyone to vote! Our ace in the hole COULD be the Mueller investigation, and they know that. The only way it is likely to have much impact is if the Congress is wrested back from them. Otherwise, it is unclear, at least to me, what Constitutional action would be available to fix this.

They know that too.

The election is the next battleground, and they have the upper hand. They are within reach of winning a 229-year war and they won't go down without a fight.

Continue efforts to help the victims, to temper the cruelty, of course. But those are skirmishes. Muslim ban was replaced with baby cages.

The soulless bastards who have been a LARGE part of America's population all along have aligned with, joined with, the soulless bastards who control the global mob. George III was never this bad.
What say you, Patriots? See my article Polar Bear Post article Tyranny.

If not us, who?
If not now, when?

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