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"Mud People"
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article by Don Cooley, AKA dbciii Grumpy Old Man @frogcycle on Twitter

I first saw that term about 13 years ago when I was updating my Zeitlangers website. A platoon sergeant had been killed when an improvised explosive device detonated near his position in Baghdad. He was a native of Pago Pago, American Samoa, assigned to the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry, Army Reserve, Fort Shafter, Hawaii. Here is the Zeitlangers page for American Samoa. He is on the second row, Staff Sergeant Frank Tiai. The 442nd Regiment is the most decorated unit in the history of American warfare. A 20-year army veteran, he left a wife, 19-year old son, and 6-year old daughter. Here is the Military Times article I link to in Zeitlangers.

It was with all this information in mind that I went searching for home town newspaper articles and additional photos to link to. I came upon a website that had a posting about him. There was a photo and the comment "It's a wonder they didn't all get killed; they were being led by an ape." There was a string of similar comments, with various attempts at humor and "LOL's". I left in disgust but not before I saw the term "mud people" several times. So I researched that term and found articles about the Christian Identity Movement (see link at top of page).

The people guffawing about this good man's death were not just some far-out cult in North Dakota led by a Charles Manson lookalike. They were people in mainstream America. They are the people who today say "they aren't our kids so who cares?" Sometimes they just refer to them as "muds."

This was before Obama was elected.

Let that sink in.

Make no mistake about it. Our government has been taken over by these people. Trump, Sessions, Bannon, Miller, Nielsen, Kelly. Steve King & many other republicans in Congress and Senate. Whether they all buy in to the bizarre creation myth or just more generally believe whites are human and non-whites are apes is immaterial. See my Polar Bear Post Know Your Enemy article for their agenda, summarized here:

I am not saying that every one of the racists have that radicalized a goal in mind. I AM saying that is the extreme case of a spectrum of white supremacist philosophy that is real. Read my Know Your Enemy article above and THEIR article it links to. Some of them are no doubt unaware of the radical agenda they are applauding. They just think triggering "libs" is fun. I think "libs" to most of them is what used to be "n****r lovers" when I was in high school in the South.

This is a cancer America has had since before the revolution. Enslaving Blacks, Genocide against Natives, jim crow, Japanese internment, all the strife in the civil rights era fighting the very idea of having to sit next to, eat in the same room with, use the same restroom or drinking fountain as a nonwhite was NOT just some obscure extremist cult. It was frigging MOST white people. Damn near ALL white people in the South, but also Boston, many other northern cities. Most of "flyover country."

Now how surprised are you that vast numbers of Americans just don't care all that much about brown babies from "shithole countries?"

How surprised are you that vast numbers of Americans shout "Build the wall" and "Lock her up" when their elected head bigot eggs them on?

How surprised are you that EVERYTHING any of the Obamas or Eric Holder said or did was ridiculed and/or accused of being anti-American?

Our problems are multifold. Most immediate is the ongoing destruction of the very foundations of our government and way of life. Beyond that, though, there is the global organized crime network seeking to destroy us from without and the cancer within that has grown far bolder than it was 13 years ago.

I don't mean this to be a downer. Just as we had to rally and defeat both the triple alliance and Japan simultaneously in WWII, had to dig deep and make sacrifices, but ultimately prevailed; we can do it again. But we MUST recognize what we are up against, or it will consume us while we keep trying to accommodate, trying to compromise, trying to appease.

They get really huffy and cry foul whenever someone calls them out for being racist. They carry on about "playing the race card." They insist ANY black person hurt or killed by police had it coming, and any white person who commits mass murder is just "acting out" because he was mistreated. They respond in swarms of bots to every comment that can be seen as critical of them in any way, and they respond in swarms of bots to any comment that can be seen as complimentary of a nonwhite person. This is what they do. It is intended to intimidate. It is intended to wear us out. It is intended to shut us up while they proceed with their agenda.

We gotta take the gloves off, folks.
If you see something, SAY something. DO something.

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