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article by Don Cooley, AKA dbciii Grumpy Old Man @frogcycle on Twitter

I saw a tweet earlier about some group called "National Vanguard". it showed a flag saying "feminists deserve the rope" and had a comment that the Charlottesville killer was involved with them. I looked them up, read some history of the ebb and flow of White Supremacist groups. Then I decided to look at some of their writings to see if there were any references to the "Christian Identity Movement" cult. I did not find specific reference, but HOLY CRAP! Here is their website:

National Vanguard

and here is an essay lamenting the outcome of WWII:

It discusses (in what could pass as sane historical commentary if the assertions weren't so absurd) how the Jews annihilated Hitler and then invented the Holocaust as an excuse. Scroll on down to the section headed "Civil Rights" where it laments the tragedy of a once-proud nation of white people who had assured they did not have to mingle with nonwhites, that nonwhites would be restricted to roles as laborers. I will include some excerpts here as screenshots, but go read it and have a barf bag handy). These are the people we are dealing with. THIS IS WHO STEPHEN MILLER IS! This is who the President of the United States is listening to to determine national policy.
Click here for a pdf of how these people are crushing our country's acceptance of refugees.
Then it goes on to raise alarms about the current "threat," lamenting the export of "white" science and technology to nonwhite regions (Shithole Countries?) saving lives and thus allowing nonwhite populations to grow
That leads, of course, to sounding the alarm about immigration and how it is allowing people from "those areas" to flood the remaining bastions of whiteness in Europe and the US and that leads, to "miscegenation" where whites are (gasp!) mating with these inferior creatures producing "mulatto offspring" who are now approaching "breeding age. Click here for a pdf of how these people are crushing our country's acceptance of refugees. PLEASE read these screenshots and click through to the article if you can stomach it. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST! These people are not JUST trying to stop all immigration. Given their druthers they would re-establish slavery, introduce apartheid in the US, deport any nonwhite not born here. THIS IS WHO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS LISTENING TO! THIS IS WHO THE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER IS CATERING TO! If you are of the White majority in this country and do not subscribe to this garbage, you MUST speak up.

Now for the really scary part. Read the parts after "immigration danger" where he talks about a grim future for Whites, essentially calling for global "ethnic cleansing" with inevitable bloodshed. You MUST fight it. You MUST make your elected representatives understand this is not just about immigration; that it is about the very soul of our nation. We MUST reject it. In particular, if you live in a heavily gerrymandered white enclave, tell your Representative this is unacceptable. Many of them are WS themselves, but some are reacting to what they THINK the ir electorate wants. PLEASE amplify this. Tweet links to it. Post in other social media. Whatever. The enemy is not just at the gate - he is in the White House and Congress and among us! Now I need a shower

When Trump said he'll only support an immigration bill that is "good for the country" this was his meaning. No more nonwhites. This is not just racisim against African Americans, or Muslims. It includes all Asians, Africans, South Americans, parts of Europe, and even Native Americans.

I just saw this MLK quote and thought it fitting. Disagreeing with the Klanners but preferring "an absence of tension" is not enough. A "positive peace" calls for action on the part of moderates. We can't leave it to just the "civil rights activists" to

fight this cancer

We ALL need to fight it. Expose them. Call them out. They have permeated the uppermost reaches of government. Decent people are not decent if they look the other way.

If you see something, SAY something! DO something!

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