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article by Don Cooley, AKA dbciii Grumpy Old Man @frogcycle on Twitter

Maybe it is time for a little background on these so-called "White Supremacists." They don't just think Whites are better people; they think Whites are the ONLY people. Everyone else are "mud people."

They claim in their distorted version of the Jewish creation myth that God created "mud people" from mud on the 6th day. Then he rested for a day and created Adam from clay on the 8th day. Whites are descended from Adam; everyone else (red, brown, black, yellow, tan) are "mud people." Subhuman.

They consider Jews to be mud people. The "real" creation was not in the Mideast, but somewhere in Europe - you know - where the Aryans are.

And the US is the actual "promised land" and God wants Aryans to have it with no mud people messing it up. They have invented an entire creation myth to rationalize their bigotry. They think "god" WANTS them to exterminate "mud people".

Of course some of the "alt-right" are not all-in with the mythology; they just enjoy an excuse to beat people up. But the mystical aspect to the movement cannot be discounted. they are zealots and like the Crusaders before them, have convinced themselves there is a deity backing them. They will not go quietly into the night. Here is a link on Christian Identity

Here is a fun little video with religious music and everything explaining all about the 6th day/8th day shit.

This visual Bible aid is intended to educate Christians about the false teaching concerning the LORD'S creation taught in many churches today. This false teaching of the LORD'S creation teaches Christians all of mankind originated through two people, which is not only unbiblical, but also absurd. GOD created the races on the 6th day and then on the 8th day created the specific man (Eth-Ha-Adam), so that the Saviour of the world would be born through umbilical cord to umbilical cord as you will see.
I'll leave it there. Google "Christian Identity" to find more. Not ALL of them are batshit loonytunes, but enough are to give the movement a sense of self-righteousness:
  • Beating a black guy with poles?
    Hell, he's a mud person and God wants him gone anyway
  • Drive into a crowd?
    High time we chosen people got our promised land and these assholes are in our way. Besides, God likes us better.
It truly is like "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." They aren't "just" racists. It is deeper than that, and harder to combat.

Now does their flashing of that WP hand sign have a little more significance? Their glee over having one of their own in the WH? Key point is they are not "just" haters. It is implausible that someone could develop such hate for all "other" based on "economic resentment." There is an occult, mystical aspect to it. WWII Nazis were plenty weird in that regard. This is the frigging War of the Worlds

The blue-eyed blond or redheaded Aryans originate in Nordic regions. European Russia was invaded by Vikings in the ninth century.

The pocket of NW Russia/N. Europe is the area these kooks consider to be where the Garden of Eden was - where old Adam, the original supreme whitey was formed from clay. Any wonder why they are cozy with Russia today? Trump's mentioning Norway as the preferred source of immigrants vs. shithole countries make a little more sense now?

A little clearer how they can cavalierly treat brown people like animals?  Most chilling of all is the apparent willingness, enthusiasm even, of LE and the various contractors to go above and beyond to make SURE this is a country NO brown person would EVER want to come to. Mistreat the toddlers? Sure! Make them scream to mommy if/when they are reunited that they want to go HOME!

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