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This Is War
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article by Don Cooley, AKA dbciii Grumpy Old Man @frogcycle on Twitter

A lot of people are puzzled at the clandestine operations w/respect to the minor child hostages. Here's the deal. This is war. The extreme white supremacists like those of the Christian Identity Movement described under White Supremacism at left have an agenda far beyond just stopping the browning of America as described in my Know your enemy article. They know their extreme views aren't shared by all white folks. They consider those of us who welcome diversity as just part of the enemy. They want to:

with a long-term goal to eliminate nonwhites from the country.

Ethnic cleansing. Read my Know Your Enemy article. It even acknowledges there will be bloodshed to finish the job. So of COURSE they want to operate in secret.

They know we'll hate it and if riled up enough will make a stink. When I was in high school in the South people were quick to label anyone who was civil to POC as a n****r-lover. That is the way they see us. They probably use the term in private. Muslim, Hispanic, African immigration under assault now; further moves will follow until we n****r-lovers are all that are left so they will come after us. They want to rule their "promised land" unencumbered by nonwhites or those whites who side with them. They think we are dumb and they can sneak their agenda in under our noses; then we're next.