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article by Don Cooley, AKA dbciii Grumpy Old Man @frogcycle on Twitter

Okay, folks, it is time to face facts. This nation has undergone a bloodless coup. The person in the most powerful office was put there by the global organized crime network for the purpose of dismantling the government and carving the country up for various oligarchs to rule.

Think about the descriptions we heard of Afghanistan, with territory divided amongst various warlords, who enriched themselves largely via opium poppy crops. Or medieval Europe, with "royalty" living in a castle, ruling over their territory much as animals stake out a territory. That is where we are headed. They have no intention of ever restoring the rule of law or any semblance of a government of/by/for anyone but the oligarchs. That is Mogilevich's goal. But in the bargain, they used white supremacists to get their toady in place.

The alt-right is just another name for American Nazi Party, or skinheads, or KKK. Read all about hardcore white supremacists in the several articles under White Supremacism at left. THAT crowd is less interested in the future economic state than they are in establishing an all-white country. They plan ethnic cleansing on steroids. What they are doing now with refugee children is the tip of the iceberg of what is coming. Read the articles Know Your Enemy and MUD People in the White Supremacism section at left. These people are perfectly comfortable with what Germany did; in fact they lament Hitler's failure to establish world dominance. They don't think non-whites are human. They have no more sympathy for their suffering than they do for bear cubs they recently authorized shooting in their dens along with the mother bear. The ringleaders like Steven Miller are zealots. Paul Ryan may be too; his passion for killing social programs is inexplicable otherwise.

The marriage between the global organized crime network based in Russia and the radical white supremacists is like the proverbial 'match made in Heaven' - except this one is made in Hell. The Christian Identity Movement freaks believe N. Europe (Scandinavia, Baltics, W. Russia) is where the whites - the only actual humans - come from. They need the USA dissolved because it favors equality among people with varying amounts of melanin, so they favor dominance by the Russian Mob as a means to an end.

And they have millions of foot soldiers who don't necessarily subscribe to the Christian Identity Movement, don't really have any firm beliefs except that they hate nonwhites just because they were raised that way. Plenty of racist thugs join police forces but even more join ICE. It gives them a chance to abuse brown people. One ICE guy that I know of quit; others may too. But most will stay and enjoy the fun.

MAYBE we can use a blue wave election in November to sweep enough civilized people into office to start asserting checks and balances.

But as long as this lying Mogilevich crowd is in power, our country will continue to be dismantled.
It will be a tough two more years before admin changes unless Mueller probe takes them out. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

If we are going to put all our eggs in the "blue wave" basket, then we need a groundswell like never before of truly impassioned people who will claw and scratch their way to the polls, stand in line for hours, to vote out every single republican at EVERY level - even dogcatcher. We need a summer of demonstrations. We need activism like we had during the VN war. People were chanting "hey, hey, LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?" It was on the news daily. Yes, it will fire up the racists and they will turn out to vote in record numbers. But it needs to fire up the good guys even more. I'm not talking about violent demonstrations - no 1968 Democratic convention, no Watts riots, no burning overturned cars. That is what Mogilevich wants. I am talking about demonstrations like the Women's March and lots of smaller local demonstrations. I worked in DC during the Nixon admin. I ran 8 miles every day at lunch. My route took me past the White House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting pool. I saw people with signs everywhere, particularly at WH. We need that DAILY. Somebody with a sign saying "free the children." One saying "save our parks" Whatever. Just keep awareness percolating. At WH and at Capitol. Every. Damned. Day.
Update: I went to DC for the June 30 demonstration. Got to Lafayette Square early to grab a good spot. Then marched with the crowd to the DoJ, part of it on my old running route. I saw the typical DC Summer tourists - families taking photos in front of WH, and I wanted to scream at them.
The forced childbirth crowd does that at every women's clinic, harassing women going in regardess of their purpose. If we can't muster the same commitment, then shame on us; we have failed Benjamin Franklin:

"A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin,
'Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?'
With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,

A republic, if you can keep it.

Can we?