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Category: Terrorism Worldwide
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Link @timinhonolulu 6/13/2019 5
The reporting on a #torpedo attack was absurd IMO.
Link @rvawonk 5/11/2019 5
"While the Syrian military, backed by Russia & Iran, fought rebels for territory, the govt waged a ruthless war on civilians, throwing hundreds of thousands into filthy dungeons where thousands were tortured & killed.
Link @rcallimachi 4/23/2019 22
The Islamic State’s news agency has claimed responsibility for the string of bombings in Sri Lanka which left 321 people dead. If you want thorough, on the scene reporting of MidEast wars, follow @rcallimachi! Seriously! -dbciii
Link @ninaandtito 4/21/2019 8
#NeverForget the OK City bombing was far right domestic terrorism We have ALWAYS had domestic terrorists! -dbciii
Link @rcallimachi 4/5/2019 14
what I learned from the more than 15,000 pages of ISIS documents that my team and I unearthed over five different trips to Iraq If you don't follow @rcallimachi you should, if you want thorough, on the scene reporting of MidEast wars -dbciii