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Link @sam_vinograd 7/30/2019 8
Why this matters: @ODNIgov integrates intel and (is supposed to) provide it to policy makers so that they can formulate policies that keep Americans safe. Opening a new category; I'll try to move some previous threads others to it as a tighter definition -dbciii
Link @kelly2277 7/25/2019 8
Before you call me crazy... Remember that I have been warning you that Putin is executing a hybrid war- literally a coup on our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Govt.
Link @dirkschwenk 7/23/2019 8
The @NSAGov NSA announced a new Cybersecurity Directorate that "unifies the NSA's foreign intelligence and cyber defense missions and is charged with preventing and eradicating threats to National Security Systems and the Defense Industrial Base."
Link @glennkirschner2 7/19/2019 7
I sure hope there’s a plan in place. I hope that the counter-intel investigation will result in Trump being ousted from office. But here’s the problem: every day, our politicians are traumatizing We The People, in real, concrete &, I fear, lasting ways…
Link @ninaandtito 7/17/2019 17
Charges ... for Exporting Carbon Fiber from the United States to Iran Department
Link @tburages 6/16/2019 13
Fact: Jared Kushner met throughout the 2016 campaign with the leader of a Russian think-tank. He met with him to get advice on how to integrate pro-Russia policy into Trump's foreign policy. @