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Link @sandibachom 6/20/2019 31
I was in the courtroom yesterday during the Deutsche Bank arguments. They pretty much said Russian Oligarchs money laundered through Trump and Jared, I think he will act crazier and crazier to get out of this, he knew the argument was WEAK and what was coming.
Link @dirkschwenk 6/19/2019 6
The refugee crisis (plural) are a political tool created on purpose by Russia and it's dark allies to weaken democracy.
Link @ninaandtito 6/14/2019 6
Members Of African Criminal Enterprise Charged With Large-Scale Trafficking Of Rhinoceros Horns And Elephant Ivory And Heroin Distribution
Link @saradannerdukic 6/6/2019 42
Are you getting it yet? Transnational organized crime figured out that if they can own *all* the media (including SOCIAL MEDIA), and control what we see, think, feel, talk about, hear, know…maybe they can keep trafficking and murdering and totally get away with it
Link @ninaandtito 5/14/2019 9
MOB Jeremy Reichberg Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Orchestrating NYPD Bribery Scheme And Obstructing Justice
Link @blmohr 4/21/2019 75
B.F. O'Neal Jr. was the 1960 president of the Northwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS and a pioneer of the state's Republican Party. 3/ He was also a member of the Council for National Policy (CNP), the secretive network of powerful conservatives using money and politics to impose its conservative agenda. It has multiple white nationalists on its board of governors. Real Estate - A massive Mob enterprise? -dbciii
Link @saradannerdukic 2/11/2019 15
Transnational organized crime is reliant on the subjugation of others. Including/especially undocumented workers.