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Author: Tom Joseph @tomjchicago
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5/23/2019 5 It's going to get ugly- I mean uglier. Every day Trump remains in office, he'll put on a pathetic, panic display as his lifeline- a wall of secrecy- crumbles.
5/19/2019 8 Trump has no chance of finishing his term. He’s been able to hang on thru GOP & Barr conspiracy, criminal lack of honor, secrecy, propaganda & dumb luck.
5/9/2019 11 Weeks after the release of Mueller’s redacted report, it’s clear that we are seeing only a fraction of Trump's long term treason.
4/23/2019 6 Kush casually downplayed Russia’s attack on America. Instead of echoing Mueller’s “sweeping & systematic”, he called it “a couple of Facebook ads”.
I could not despise these people more. I would not piss on Kush if he was on fire.
4/20/2019 11 Mueller Report thoughts: I envy speed-readers & can't imagine how ppl have read it thru it all.
4/17/2019 5 Mueller report checklist:
4/16/2019 6 If Trump hasn’t made a deal to resign b4 Barr's Mueller report drops, the House must immediately & officially commence impeachment hearings.
4/14/2019 5 Two days after the Nov 6 election wipeout, Fox News stopped tweeting & Murdoch paid Mitch a visit.
4/13/2019 9 Heads up- Trump is losing, big time.
4/11/2019 7 Trump is getting skewered online on Assange's arrest & Wikileaks.
4/11/2019 5 attached is a Barr mobile translator...
4/9/2019 9 I'm still convinced a Trump resignation deal is on the table,
4/7/2019 11 1 Trump’s mental decline is widely accepted as fact now
4/6/2019 8 Trump's Frontotemporal Dementia is degenerative
4/5/2019 5 It's good that Mueller’s team is speaking out a/b Barr.
4/3/2019 8 1 Give & Get. When negotiating, you only give, when you get something back
4/2/2019 9 Trump is losing it bad. He went from clown to psycho during his presser w/ Nato Sec Gen Stoltenberg
4/1/2019 6 Compromise is for legislation, this is about facts from a crime & treason investigation
3/31/2019 5 Trumps need a miracle to get out of the monster mess they created.
3/28/2019 7 Mueller knows Trump has dementia, which makes T's intent, responsibity & charges an unknown
3/27/2019 7 Trump’s Frontotemporal dementia i
3/26/2019 5 The obvious take: Trump's heard it was bad, exploded & ordered Barr to x it.
3/24/2019 11 Barr's letter is not Mueller's report.
3/24/2019 12 analyzing Mueller's move from a warfare or chess match perspective, no indictments makes sense.
3/23/2019 8 We have a National Security event taking place right now
3/18/2019 5 Speculation is that Trump's mental breakdown was caused by receiving bad news.
3/17/2019 6 Barr knows who talked and Trump has not attacked them