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5/22/2019 9 There is no immunity for criminal acts. Cipilone is just acting as a mob Consigliere.
5/21/2019 5 Trump appeal is docketed in the DC Circuit.
Lordy I hope this plays this way
5/19/2019 7 Judge Mehta’s order and link to memo opinion in House vs Mazars subpoena fight. No stay so this will move very fast. IMO days not weeks.
5/19/2019 6 NB this stuff is by law secret. Ask Natalie Edwards: MT Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts
5/17/2019 10 This is going to be epic. I reported when this started a Russian goal was to weaken FISA. They hate it because it catches traitors. IMO exposing 702 sources and methods will hurt national security but it may be a price we pay for electing a scoundrel.
5/17/2019 12 Is Mueller jerking judge Sullivan around? I think so.
5/15/2019 10 . Besides sending us Dems into a tizzy, the #AlabamaAbortionBill may do one thing almost for certain: Reelect @DougJones to the Senate.
5/15/2019 5 Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing: Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing: Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing: Minutes from today's Mazars USA hearing:
more mystery…
5/14/2019 5 Reports that the full underacted #MuellerReport has been delivered to Judge Amy Berman Jackson are likely incorrect. Here is the notice. She had specifically asked for pages 41 to 65 of Vol 1.
5/14/2019 7 IMO @RudyGiuliani committed an obvious violation of 52 USC 30121(a)(2), by soliciting Ukrainian contribution on behalf of @realDonaldTrump. That dust up woke me up. You know who knows of another "30121(a)(2)" violation? Bob Mueller does, that's who
I love it. Anybody gonna do anything with it?
5/12/2019 6 @GOP wants the investigation to go away because these @SenateGOP and most of the current @HouseGOP took Russian money in 2016 and are traitors too. 29 states can open treason grand juries & start building cases.
5/11/2019 5 My first Trump related @FBIWFO #FOIA foray was Sept 1, 2016, to prove Fred Trump was a Nazi. That might be about Chapter 5 in my Trump book. My first Trump related @FBIWFO #FOIA foray was Sept 1, 2016, to prove Fred Trump was a Nazi.
5/10/2019 8 What @realDonaldTrump has to fear isn't just Russia or obstruction. His lifetime of tax abuse is about to be exposed. He could be in Bankruptcy by June.
5/10/2019 8 the House and Senate nibble at abortion rights, but, when was the last time they debated banning it?
5/9/2019 5 If the framers actually believed that states can't charge a treasonous tyrant in control of the White House, who achieved office by joining forces with an enemy engaged in attacking us, don't you think they would have mentioned that in the Constitution?
5/9/2019 5 My read of the Special Counsel Reg is that Barr has no control over Mueller other than to remove him.
5/8/2019 6 The GOP is setting the stage for its compete destruction. With few exceptions the 21 @SenateGOP seats are now all in play. The Democrats need to start calling all members of the GOP Russian turned traitors.
5/8/2019 7 IMO House should open impeachment proceedings but obstruction should not be principal focus. He obstructed to conceal treason. That should be focus & what any reviewing court would have for the basis for urgency to act immediately to overrule further @WhiteHouse obstruction.
Tim is making excellent points in these several threads. The State of Emergency is TREASON. Fast-track everything.
5/7/2019 9 . The White House is clearly trying to delay. Had they wanted to litigate the documents they should have gone to court right away. Instead they waited until compliance was due to interfere.
5/7/2019 7 I have actively lived through two calls for Presidential impeachment. My brother was the AG's chief of staff for one. it only works, as it was intended, when the President's own party wants the President out too
5/5/2019 7 Because I expect many @GOP including @SenateGOP & @HouseGOP may be charged with Treason in 2021, I've been trying to understand Constitution's Art III Treason clause 3,
5/4/2019 5 The @GOP has been the party of hate for decades. Now they have become traitors too.
5/3/2019 5 leaking of SAR that exposed transaction that appear to have been related to Peter W. Smith.
5/3/2019 5 Why is the White House so panicked? It may be that @FBIWFO and the Counterintelligence National Security Division DOJ team are going through the process of preparing FISA intercept based material to turn over to the Gang of Eight.
5/2/2019 7 Some comments on Mueller's letter
4/28/2019 5 When the reign of the Shah of Iran started to fall, he fled to NYC for medical care and exile. I was a line manager at the hotel where he stayed in NYC.
no receipts provided for the assertion at end
4/27/2019 10 Congress may not have the tools to defend us from a treasonous @WhiteHouse and treasonous @SenateGOP majority.