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Author: Spicy (banned) @spicyfiiesredux
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4/28/2019 9 Contempt of Congress... With any hope you’ll have a broader understanding of the various flavors available to House Democrats
4/28/2019 5 Houston we have a problem
Re: Yang pt. 3
4/27/2019 5 Welcome to 2019....
Re: "Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Get a Stricter Twitter Babysitter"
4/27/2019 5 I did nazi that coming at all VICAR is like RICO but far more Violent
4/27/2019 7 When you as a candidate are using AI & astro-turf on steroids to force the social media narrative That’s a nonstarter for me. Full Stop
Re: Yang pt. 2
4/27/2019 10 Hey anyone know if the DOJ has ordered the NRA to file pursuant to FARA regs
4/27/2019 6 Question is will the White House have a DOJ Attorney there with a zap collar, precluding Kline from actually answering.
4/27/2019 6 The “run up” if you will to Wayne’s extortion allegations from Ackerman McQueen appear to stem from the 4/15/2019 lawsuit.
4/26/2019 5 Need I remind you that RIGHT NOW we have a man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who:
Couldn't have said it better myself, Spicy. I'm Riden with Biden
4/26/2019 5 nothing in the Butina docket suggests that AG Barr personally intervened seeking to deport Butina
once again, Spicy is spot-on
4/25/2019 9 Dear DOJ - you’ve made a significant tactical error and I’m certain Greg Craig knows it too
4/25/2019 6 Dear @HouseDemocrats stop using the DC Playbook. Trump doesn’t play by the rules or laws.
4/24/2019 6 Are you insane, drunk, high or complicit @jaredkushner ? “A few Facebook ads” Try $1M per months
4/24/2019 9 Dear Maria, Contrary to conventional wisdom I think you should stay here in America but in a Federal Prison
Spicey is a great researcher and entertaining to boot.
4/24/2019 5 Trump's coming Deutche treat
Don't be counting those chckens, dotard!
4/23/2019 10 Does anyone have a viable reason as to why Butina would want to move to a Fed Prison in Pennsylvania?
4/22/2019 7 Trump sues in bid to block congressional subpoena of financial records
Discovery should be interesting!
4/21/2019 11 Full disclosure these are my opinions, unless otherwise noted.
Thoughtful comments re: timing considerations.
4/21/2019 5 Pruitt EPA issues.
4/20/2019 11 Butina you want time SERVED How about you give up the NRA and GOP?
4/20/2019 8 Happy Saturday How many “proffers”?
4/19/2019 5 this move by Trump seems rather vindictive & petty...
4/19/2019 22 Dear [REDACTED]
4/19/2019 7 I have a few questions
4/19/2019 6 Tamarac Resident Arrested for Making Multiple Threats to Members of Congress
4/18/2019 5 I’m going to read the whole report before I tweet/blog about it
Spicy's "Court Records Bloodhound 101" course
4/18/2019 7 what’s important vs. unimportant factual news vs. fake news propaganda vs. legitimate questions
4/17/2019 8 Barr’s Playbook: He Misled Congress When Omitting Parts of Justice Dep’t Memo in 1989
4/16/2019 10 UniCredit Group Banks Agree to Pay Over $1.3 Billion for Violating Sanctions
4/15/2019 7 Dear Flynn & Covington Weird how Judge Trenga’s Order denying your Motion to quash raised the same exact issues I did. EAT IT. I TOLD YOU SO
4/15/2019 6 Mr Shulte is that really what you’re going with?
4/14/2019 8 Joshua Schulte, CIA & Wikileaks
4/14/2019 11 Did no one read the transcripts?
4/13/2019 11 Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989
4/13/2019 11 Click for Spicy's blog onMadDogPac
4/12/2019 10 Greg Craig FARA
4/11/2019 5 You know who else loves Wikileaks
4/10/2019 18 Dear William P Barr I have a TON of questions for you
Spicy does incredible sleuth work and posts in Twitter and her blog. IDK what becomes of things like this tho
4/9/2019 28 Patten & Government Sentencing Memo
4/9/2019 7 What??Fresh??HELL??IS??THIS??Madness?? Is it time to once again unload my KKKobach File?
4/7/2019 8 Siri: please see if the DOJ FARA Unit has made a demand for Facebook to register...
4/4/2019 6 23 REASONS TO STFU Dolt 45
4/3/2019 6 Weird just weird...the DOJ announced this on March 29th Motty Mizrahi, 46, of Encino, and Sassi Mizrahi, 53 arrest in a fake investment scheme Brothers
4/2/2019 12 Dear Dolt45, Heard you got bench slapped, again
3/28/2019 16 HPSCI Putin’s Playbook I thought this might be helpful...
3/27/2019 8 This is Gen Flynn’s Marshall Plan...hold my Red Bull because I have a lot to say about this
3/19/2019 11 Affidavit Cohen search Warrant
1/1/2019 0 Click here for Spicy's blog on MadDogPac
It's all there folks.Can't keep a good Mic down.