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Author: Clint Watts @selectedwisdom
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Link 6/12/2019 6 Impeachment
Russia gets an open door from President Trump.
Link 6/2/2019 5 Daily Civics Lesson
. @ForeignAffairs May/June 2019 issue is excellent an timely. Great articles asking the right questions about ?? future foreign policy & national security.
Link 6/1/2019 16 Trump Enablers
why is AG Barr doing interviews? Following up on this discussion this morning. As a private citizen and pundit, he entitled to offer any opinion he wants, but from the Attorney General, I expect answers not speculation
Link 5/9/2019 5 Admin Outrages
Everyday there's more evidence of Putin's victory in elevating Trump. Trump wants war in Venezuela, then suddenly doesn't want war.
Link 5/3/2019 5 Admin Outrages
I imagine this in Kremlin this evening, Putin hangs up call with Trump, starts a conference call with all his deputies, “Guys, Guys, you won’t believe it, President Trump just called me...yeah, Sergey, that’s right, he called me, and he said the Russia investigation was a hoax!”
Link 5/3/2019 4 Admin Outrages
Exactly what Putin wanted and expected. This is why Russia backed Trump, elevate politicians to achieve what Russia wants - to subvert and weaken democracy, surrender the world to authoritarians, like the Kremlin
Link 5/2/2019 4 Election fraud
FBI: 1) knows Russia hacked 2) receives intel Aussies about Russia, emails, Trump campaign member 3) Manafort becomes campaign manager from nowhere 4) former target Russia intel shows up on Trump campaign & in Moscow How clear can it BE? -dbciii
Link 4/22/2019 5 Election fraud
MuellerReport provides great detail on Russia 1) using hacking to power social media influence 2) physical provocations incite divisions & compromise targets.