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Author: Sara Danner Dukic @saradannerdukic
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5/10/2019 27 It seems like theyíre *this* close to getting cold, hard, indisputable facts about Trumpís finances, and who owns him.
5/8/2019 5 Cohen told Arnold. 'I actually have one of the photos,' he said, without going into specifics. 'Itís terrible.'Ē
5/7/2019 13 if true and "days" doesn't actually mean "weeks," it means Mueller may very soon be 100% free as a private citizen to testify before Congress
5/6/2019 5 I donít mean to make a mockery of the report, but of those who are turning a blind eye to it. It needs to be so painfully obvious how guilty he is, and how complicit, dumb, traitorous and lazy his helpers are.
4/22/2019 46 Battle plan meditation time.
4/21/2019 13 We were attacked. We're still being attacked.
4/17/2019 6 Facebook would reward or deny user-data accessto companies based on favoritism
4/13/2019 6 Saipan casino raid popping back up!!
4/12/2019 10 Some simple things Twitter could do/could have done to combat disinformation and bad actors
4/11/2019 13 scoop on malware being spread through short links,
4/9/2019 7 Remember how Trump never wanted the Secret Service to begin with?
4/1/2019 27 Weíre at a very critical point right now.
3/29/2019 25 20+ reasons that context + facts matter.
3/27/2019 23 Aside from the Mueller reportÖ
3/27/2019 69 Letís do a thought experiment, and explore obstruction of justice.
3/16/2019 5 This is a nesting doll of darkness.
3/16/2019 37 Facebook Moderators' Dark World
2/3/2019 43 All of itís about to come to a head. (MEGA THREAD)
2/20/2018 41 I've run my fair share of ads on social media.
A year old but currently applicable. So says @therickwilson