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Author: K. Louise Neufeld @ninaandtito
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5/21/2019 6 dumb Kardashian-style palace intrigue outrage porn, courtesy of access "journalist" #MaggieDurantyHaberman right after House releases Cohen transcripts which contain DAMNING AF info about tRUmp's inner circle. Surprise!
5/16/2019 11 The zealots have lost the "culture wars" they have played so dirty to try to win. Spend some time on @pewresearch site to see what I'm talking about.
Hopeful perspective
5/14/2019 9 MOB Jeremy Reichberg Sentenced To 48 Months In Prison For Orchestrating NYPD Bribery Scheme And Obstructing Justice
5/13/2019 8 Fun fact: @tevapharmeurope’s generic for Wellbutrin was quite different from the branded drug. So bad it got recalled
5/8/2019 7 Let’s say a casino makes $100 in a year. Their expenses are $60 a year. Profit should be $40. Which means taxes owed on $40.
Excellent explanation that it was likely 1.17 billion in TAX FRAUD, not "losses"
5/8/2019 9 Fred had real estate (MOB). Donald has that + lots of other ways to launder. Hence, “losses”
5/7/2019 9 FCPA gonna fuck y'all up. 11 years + 7 months prison for Jose Elias Melo, former CEO of a subsidiary of Colombian conglomerate #GrupoAval. Bribery is BAD, people!
5/6/2019 5 Another Multi-Billion Dollar Money Laundering and Bribery Scheme Relating to the 1MDB Fund
5/4/2019 19 3 Germans Who Allegedly Operated Dark Web Marketplace with >1 Million Users Face U.S. Narcotics and Money Laundering Charges
5/2/2019 5 Lawrenceburg Man Indicted for Online Threats, False Statements, and Illegal Possession of Firearm
5/1/2019 6 Another day, another crypto-related indictment...
4/30/2019 5 Russian Citizen Indicted For $1.5 Million Cyber Tax Fraud Scheme
4/30/2019 5 re: Rod Rosenstein retirement letter: read it again
4/29/2019 12 Marsha Lazareva. KGLI. Russian. American son. In prison in Kuwait, accused of spying/stealing from Kuwait port
4/26/2019 9 Excellent rant on Amazon (not) Quality Control
I've seen the same deterioration of Whole Foods
4/26/2019 6 This speech by FBI Director Wray is a call to arms.
4/24/2019 8 Deposition of John Gore is scheduled for manana. Barr is blocking it.
4/21/2019 8 #NeverForget the OK City bombing was far right domestic terrorism
We have ALWAYS had domestic terrorists!
4/20/2019 19 criminals who are #NotMentionedInTheRedactedMuellerReport
4/18/2019 7 A neeewww FARA from Lanny Wiles
4/18/2019 7 Maggie is compromised
4/17/2019 6 Friendly reminder! Barr = our enemy’s handmaiden
4/17/2019 16 All Connected - round eleventy gajillion bazillion
4/17/2019 6 Assange used to coordinate hackers from embassy, says Moreno
4/15/2019 17 Alan Garcia, former Peru president, shoots himself
4/15/2019 10 UniCredit Bank AG Agrees to Plead Guilty for Violating Iranian Sanctions
4/12/2019 6 Murdoch phone hacking scandal in UK was also very illegal. And therefore very prosecutable.
4/12/2019 12 Guess who owns the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, which now has to pay Geoffrey Rush $850k for defamation? Rupert Murdoch.
4/8/2019 11 I'm still mystified as to why Ed Kutler's & Mike McSherry's FARA violations aren't being investigated by SDNY alongside Vin Weber's FARA violations (OR MAYBE THEY ARE WE JUST DON'T KNOW YET?)
4/3/2019 18 New FARA: Mercury Public Affairs for Global IP-Cayman
3/31/2019 7 Silicon Valley’s role facilitating human trafficking for the
3/29/2019 15 All you corrupt fuckers have kids. And you’re leaving them a shithole country in your wake.
3/25/2019 8 Robert Mueller's Legal Eagles: Where Are They Now!?
3/21/2019 16 Russian National Extradited From Estonia To Face Charges Of Illegal Procurement Of U.S. Electronics
3/14/2019 9 Cali is believed to be a ranking member in the notorious Gambino crime family."
2/26/2019 25 "Freedom Caucus" "Justice Democrats"