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Author: Lincoln's Bible @lincolnsbible
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5/20/2019 11 We’re moving into the phase where investigative news outlets are exposing the SIZE of the dark money pot & its mechanics.
5/16/2019 8 . Like Russia, China’s government is a fusion of organized crime & intelligence. Drugs and sex-trafficking (aka, the global rape trade) are primary drivers for their dark economy.
5/15/2019 5 Too late now. The time for this was before “case closed” was declared across entire GOP & their propaganda machine - then given time to set in.
regarding Dems plan to read MR in Congress
5/10/2019 6 “The Power of Propaganda”
5/7/2019 5 No Shit! "I have serious concerns about Steven Mnuchin's dealings with Russia. "
5/2/2019 7 Okay @LindseyGrahamSC, tell you what... You think back on that impeachment of Clinton - which you & your toadie pals are so convinced is equivalent to a Trump impeachment
4/28/2019 11 the hate ecosystem does not rely on MSM & their audiences (those outside of white supremacist & incel propaganda forums) to worship and create legends out of their murderers.
9/11/2018 27 When do we roll out the story behind Semion Mogilevich, 9/11, and Trump?
8/30/2018 21 History of Mob and Judges
8/30/2018 21 Mob & judges
8/23/2018 22 Let's explore what happened to US - you & me, when a mobster played CEO on TV ...
6/15/2018 46 When I call dotard a "mobster," I'm not being cute.