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5/23/2019 7 Michael Cohen texted 950 times w Victor Vekselberg’s cousin, Andrew Intrater - but wait- keep reading about BTA Bank ?? and remember the Sater and Trump SoHo money laundering story?
5/18/2019 6 ??Trump Judge, Judy Vitter, said women who use birth control have DNA that matches violent men.
5/17/2019 10 Why did Trump administration shower Brazilian crooks with $62M bailout money meant for struggling U.S. farmers
5/16/2019 6 Remember when the @FBI sent out an urgent message to reboot your home and office routers because Fancy Bear ?? had compromised them
5/16/2019 11 ??Want to know the real reason Trump pardoned ex-media mogul Conrad Black?They were more than friends.. Trump was going to testify (lie) for him in his trial but Black’s lawyers decided they didn’t need him at the last minute
5/15/2019 7 ??BOOM??I know why Charles Johnson met with @SecretaryRoss? They discussed his and Palmer Luckey’s, Occulus - Anduril technology
5/14/2019 10 ?? @DevinNunes & John Solomon left out the most important details of the Kavalec notes on the Steele Dossier that guarantee Trump’s impeachment and prosecution
5/10/2019 6 ??Two Russian Spies Who Were Involved in the Skripal Poisoning and US Election Interference Are Also Among 14 Convicted in the Montenegro Coup Plot. What about Joseph Assad, the CIA counterintelligence agent planning the ‘getaway’ after the coup?
5/8/2019 5 HOLY SHIT - stay w me folks? Remember when Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan said ‘Putin pays Rohrabacher and Trump’
"?It was a few days after they had both been briefed by the Ukrainian PM, Groysman, about RU attempts to undermine democratic institutions??"
5/6/2019 5 'Russian war reporter' Maria Katasonova wasn’t the only spy that Putin sent to Ukraine. Maria Butina was sent there too…
5/5/2019 9 ??Brainwashing??General Caldwell wanted to use psyops on US lawmakers to secretly manipulate them without their knowledge.
5/5/2019 6 ??Let’s say you are a Senator and President Trump sent you an email marked URGENT: National Security. There’s a link, and of course you open it. It would sure be a shame if you were exposed to PEGASUS and ALL your data was exposed
5/3/2019 9 Remember when I told you that General John Kelly was evil
5/1/2019 7 James Comey: “How Trump eats your soul in small bites.”
5/1/2019 5 ??Barr choked on this question- He left it OPEN in case Putin or a Foreign Govt offered dirt on an opponent? Did everyone notice that
4/30/2019 5 ??Larry Ray and the Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence AND @felixsater @RudyGiuliani Russian mafia,
4/30/2019 6 Mueller says Barr’s summary misrepresented the Mueller Report
11/4/2018 8 The most frightening Kompromat that Putin & Trump could have against Republicans would be proof that there is ongoing election fraud and hacking in key races w help from Russia,