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Author: Karol @karolcummins
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5/23/2019 13 Bank CEO Stephen M. Calk Charged With Corruptly Soliciting A Presidential Administration Position In Exchange For Approving $16 Million In Loans
5/22/2019 20 Michael Cohen Filings Show 950 Messages With Russian Oligarch’s Cousin
5/21/2019 18 The New German Anti-Semitism
5/21/2019 5 A conservative activist’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts
5/20/2019 44 BEFORE THE INAUGURATION: FBI, NSA, FinCen, DNI, & DOJ opened probes into possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump
5/19/2019 32 The steady rise of powerful RW fascists/Autocrats/Nationalists/TOC world wide are challenging the peaceful World Order of Western Liberal Democracy post WII
5/18/2019 36 The Flynn revelations are so important: Barr’s actions & redactions are now under a microscope. This direct evidence of witness tampering challenges Barr’s conclusion: ‘no obstruction’ What else has Barr subverted & why?
5/18/2019 38 The WH knew of the recording of Flynn talking to Kislyak for days before acting. Trump absolutely knew Flynn was under FBI inv’n when he fired him, making Trump's tweet a lie GOP Amash says Trump should be impeached
5/17/2019 87 Flynn told Mueller people tied to Trump and Congress tried to obstruct probe Flynn even provided a VM recording A fed judge ordered transcripts re: Flynn's convos w/ RU officials by 5/31. Felix Sater gave feds 5 OBL telephone numbers, b/4 9/11
Karol's news summary - if you only have time for one thing put this on your laptop to read on the train
5/15/2019 52 Make no mistake GOP want to make sure all women & children are impoverished
5/15/2019 14 Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in CN to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry Ukraine Prosecutor Made Up Biden Claim, in an alleged bid to curry favor with Trump. Giuliani deservedly draws ire. WhatsApp voice calls used to inject Israeli spyware on phones #Pegasus
nightly recap
5/13/2019 59 ??I’mBaaack!?? Judge in Stone’s case was given the full unredacted MR. - and much more
Karol's periodic news rundown
4/22/2019 61 Trump=Ruagent
Don't overlook this. The inimitable Karol.
4/21/2019 50 Power of Oversight
4/20/2019 9 Illigitimate
4/20/2019 35 Is Trump a Russian Agent?: Explaining Terms of Art and Examining the Facts
4/19/2019 50 When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs
4/19/2019 73 I’m F*cked” says Trump on the appointment of SC Mueller.
4/17/2019 41 Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian moneylaundering scheme
4/16/2019 56 Putin/Trump's far-right 'populist' movement
4/15/2019 53 Suspense for Mueller Rpt
4/14/2019 50 Breathe - Daily synopses
4/13/2019 64 Assange/Manning/Snowden narrative was designed to attack the credibility of American NatSec
4/12/2019 21 J-Ass Charged w/ Conspiracy to Hack a DOD Computer
4/12/2019 16 Federal Prosecutors in California Are Now Looking Into Trump’s Inaugural Committee
4/12/2019 27 KPMG, EY Reported to Police Amid Danish Laundering Probes
4/10/2019 6 Bombshell Report Links Trump Hotel Project to Iran Terrorist Group
4/10/2019 57 Barr appears to rep Trump & not We the People
4/9/2019 28 Bannon’s Strategy to destroy Western Liberal Democracy.
4/9/2019 69 Trump Org May Have Financial Link to Iranian Military Group Designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization
4/8/2019 26 Trump designates elite Iranian military force as a terrorist organization
4/8/2019 21 Federal Watchdog Probes Trump Administration Push for Saudi Arabia Nuclear Deal
4/7/2019 77 W Liberal Democracy vs Transnational Organized Crime
4/6/2019 78 Engel
4/5/2019 56 Members of SCO complained that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming & significant
4/4/2019 9 Mueller’s Team is seething as their findings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed. Mueller’s Team is seething as their ndings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed.
4/3/2019 29 Deutsche Bank's U.S. Unit Kept Danske's Shady Billions Flowing
4/3/2019 11 Nuclear regulators were unaware of transfer of sensitive technical information re nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia by Rick Perry’s DOE
4/3/2019 55 Tony Blair linked to China's most wanted, Mar-a-Lago member Guo Wengui
4/2/2019 45 multi-topic synopsis
4/1/2019 28 multi-topic synopsis
1/1/2019 42 Barr’s Backtrack