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Author: Jared Yates Sexton @jysexton
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5/22/2019 9 All right. Let’s talk about the Warren story. The headline is written the way it is because it attracts the most attention possible
5/22/2019 6 our outdated concepts of masculinity are helping these people radicalize like ISIS.
5/16/2019 8 So much of this current climate is wrapped up in male insecurity and Fox and Trump and Republicans are playing those insecurities for profit and power.
Makes me want to read @jysexton's book…
5/15/2019 18 These are the people who told everyone who was concerned about rising fascism and the decline of duty and ethics that they were worried about slippery slopes and being hysterical. They believed Trump might be abnormal, but not particularly dangerous.
5/9/2019 20 What's getting lost in the coverage of a Trump supporter calling for the shooting of immigrants last night is that Trump crowds have been doing this for years and that they're always just saying the thing Trump leads them to.
4/27/2019 7 What we see now is simply an evolution of the blatant racism that riddled the country in the past
4/24/2019 6 So much of what's wrong is grounded in how greed and lust for personal power overrides duty and a sense of right and wrong.
Excellent assessment. The concept of "of, by, and for" the people is replaced by "Me,me, me"
4/21/2019 7 Trump & Republicans have ok'd campaign accepting/relying on foreign interference. Reason enough to impeach.
4/20/2019 7 Even if Republicans don't believe his campaign worked with Russia to get Donald Trump elected (they did), aren't they the least bit concerned that Russia wanted Trump to be president so badly?
4/19/2019 8 Impeachment is a constitutional requirement and we have no idea what would happen
4/18/2019 36 Long and short: there was collusion, there was obstruction, Donald Trump needs to be removed from office. Immediately.