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Author: David Rothkopf @djrothkopf
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5/15/2019 16 What "normal" will the GOP return to after Trump? The Mitch McConnell normal that kept Merrick Garland off the court? The normal of the Georgia or Alabama GOP attacks on a woman's right to choose? The normal of the Republicans who defended Trump's racism and crimes?
5/11/2019 7 There are a large number of DC insider-types I know who support Biden largely because in their calculus he is the best path for their next senior gov't job. But behind the scenes, doubts are rampant, they know the reasons his. past presidential campaigns did not go well.
5/10/2019 6 Note to old school Dems, The "center" is not where you left it. It's not that warm place where bi-partisan compromise was king and Wall St. advisory jobs waited.
I have no idea where I fall in thepolitical spectrum. Not "Right", for sure.
5/9/2019 6 It is early. I'm also bad making political predictions. But it's never stopped me before.
5/6/2019 5 Trump's an economic genius, doncha know?
5/4/2019 7 Journalists and commentators ought to be more careful about the use of the term "economy."
5/3/2019 7 The main conclusion of the massive Mueller report was that the Russians conducted a sweeping attack on America in order to put Donald Trump in the White House.
5/2/2019 13 The ideas that a president can determine whether or not he ought to be investigated or that a president is incapable of committing obstruction are not just outrageous assaults on Constitutional values.
5/1/2019 6 When I joined the Clinton Admin in 1993, the idea of centrism was that we were open to what was best that was traditionally associated with either party--Democratic social justice, GOP fiscal responsibility or strong defense. What has changed?
4/30/2019 12 Too many Democrats think the objective in 2020 is to restore the status quo.
4/28/2019 18 This is dangerous. This is a danger to our system. It wouldn't be if it was just one disturbed damaged man, but he has an entire party apparatus behind him.
Perfectly stated case for impeachment NOW. He could have writtn the Declaration of Independence back then.
4/26/2019 18 We really (really, really) need to work on this deeply flawed opinion that somehow presidents are not to be prosecuted or indicted.
4/21/2019 25 In today's America, the president and those who work for him are above the law.
This reads like the Declaration of Independence' littany of charges against King George
11/10/2018 20 No one knows the skeletons in Donald Trump's closet better than Donald Trump