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5/17/2019 11 It should not be a surprise that the FBI stopped briefing the Gang of Eight. The last time they did, Richard Burr turned around and briefed the White House. Then a couple weeks later, Comey was fired.
Insight on the ONGOING CI investigation - NOTE: t is ranting about TREASON this morning. Hmmm…
5/15/2019 24 The Poor NRA Has Been Terribly Vicitmized. A Dark Dirk Thread
5/13/2019 16 The NRA v. Ackerman McQueen. Epic Vortex of all that is Horrible.
5/11/2019 10 Roger Stone is in Deep Shit
Dirk writes a succinct lede
5/11/2019 23 Good Times Thread! Rose Colored Glasses, cute dogs, SPRINGTIME!
Keep reading - lots of info
5/10/2019 16 Since the beginning, we have been discussing whether Trump can, will or has been indicted, in part based on LM and Truefact's early reporting that he was already under sealed indictment.
5/6/2019 11 Soybean Prices: or "Why Trump's Base May Break": A Thread. (I agree with Andrew below - Farmer's are being HOSED).
5/3/2019 12 On Sealed Indictments and the POSSIBILITY that there is one against Trump himself.
5/3/2019 8 OK, since I am a bit freaked out by the demands for the "full, unredacted" report, I decided to go look at Nadler's letter and see what it says. It is somewhat reassuring.
5/1/2019 6 Here's how you know Barr is lying when he says he doesn't know why Mueller declined to prosecute. IT'S RIGHT IN THE REPORT.
5/1/2019 6 OK, I like @Comey and I believe he did his best to protect the FBI, DOJ and investigations in his time. But I have to push back on this opinion.
4/29/2019 17 Rod Rosenstein's Retirement Letter. A "Reading Original Documents With Dirk" Thread.
READ THIS. Dirk deals in facts, not hair-on-fire sky-is-falling emotion
4/26/2019 15 Up front, let me just say that anyone who says they KNOW RR is a black hat is full of it.
4/25/2019 6 Trump base doesn't know how they won and they don't undertstand why they are going to lose.
4/24/2019 8 Why Speaker Pelosi is awesomely right (and Warren is not wrong), a thread
4/24/2019 12 I don't believe in karma, but I do believe in dbags and justice.
4/22/2019 10 BUTINA PROSECUTION MAY BE BIGGER than Stone when it comes to collusion.
4/19/2019 15 The Mueller Report confirms that RR and Mueller had a TWO YEAR head start in prepping for possibility that a Black Hat like Barr would become AG.
4/18/2019 14 Barr press conference
4/18/2019 13 Lotsa good stuff to chew on.
4/17/2019 16 Mueller Report Primer: things to look for; things to be happy about; things to worry about.
4/16/2019 5 Jessica Liu is one of the most feared in respected prosecutors in the US.
4/13/2019 11 The Bribes for Admissions scandal
4/12/2019 5 POS - JAss lies
4/12/2019 7 JAss is a BIG TIME CRIMINAL so let's just assume this is a bookmark, not the book
4/11/2019 11 why BARR MAY NOT BE A BLACK HAT or at least it's an open question.
4/9/2019 5 Sam Patten is basically Manafort-lite - BUT HE COOPERATED FULLY WHEN CAUGHT.
4/3/2019 20 Rose Colored Glasses Time.
3/31/2019 22 lets ROCK THE FARA.
3/29/2019 28 Ambassador McFaul @mcfaul dropping bombs at today's Select Committee on Intelligence
3/27/2019 9 VERY GOOD REASONS to keep GJ & NATSEC info from Mueller's investigation secret
3/26/2019 14 I trust Mueller. He goes by the book.
3/23/2019 29 Once upon a time HRC was running for President and we are all unimaginably naive.
3/22/2019 15 RAGE TWEET Thread on SC Mueller's Report
3/12/2019 6 NYC "stop and frisk" devolved into "stop and frisk black guys" and therefore imploded
3/8/2019 6 What if POTUS orders the Secret Service to obstruct the arrest of White House staff?