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Author: Cyrus Toulabi @cyrustoulabi
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Link 6/29/2019 6 Campaigns
Are you aware the Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY "Democratic" candidate being promoted by Russian trolls/bots?
Link 6/27/2019 28 Legal cases
The census is constitutionally-mandated to begin in April 2020, under Article I, Section 2. Trump is asking if he can IGNORE the Constitution b/c he doesn't like a SCOTUS decision. thorough recap of the census debacle (trump is a maniac, btw) -dbciii
Link 6/6/2019 6 Admin Outrages
The Disaster Relief bill was held up for months because Trump REFUSED to sign it if it included aid for PUERTO RICO.
Link 6/6/2019 5 Impeachment
#FACTCHECK: I love @Lawrence, and I watch @TheLastWord nearly every weeknight each week... But I find myself having to factcheck him,
Link 5/14/2019 7 Admin Outrages
Bolton is MANIPULATING INTELLIGENCE to start a War with Iran. Iran believed the U.S. was PLANNING to attack. THAT prompted Iran to PREPARE possible counterstrikes. Bolton is now using Iran's preparations, AS PROOF Iran was going to attack us. With Miller and Bolton as top advisers to POTUS we are iin an ongoing state of emergency as a civilized country -dbciii
Link 5/1/2019 5
We're FUNDAMENTALLY talking about Barr and Mueller in the wrong way. Astute observation since endorsed by @BarbMcQuade and @AshaRangappa -dbciii
Link 4/20/2019 5
The 6 Democrats invited by DOJ to view a less-redacted version of the #MuellerReport have DECLINED the offer.