Frogcycle's Twitter Archive; PDFs of Selected Authors' Threads.
About these files:
I "Subscribe" to various authors in my premium Threadreader account. That automatically makes me an unroll of any thread over 4 tweets and prints it to a PDF file. I download the PDF's from Threadreader, catalog in a database and stage on my server.
I use the Db to generate these html pages with links to the files. I hope you find this useful.

I publish frequent updates - several/week - maintaining the full set in two tables by date and by author. I show the last few days additions in the "Latest" table for ready access. New additions have published date in red on author page.
The "comments" field is my editorializing. My comments are in red. Authors and readers: feel free to request that I subscribe to a given author and/or request specific older threads be included. Just tweet to my timeline an author handle or a link to an unroll,
or a link to any tweet in the thread.
-dbciii @frogcycle