We Shall Overcome!
Persisting and surviving in the dystopian trump world

  • NEW 11/1/2018
    Vote With Your Heart

    Essay by
    Matthew Barbaro on Facebook
    Stunningly good essay on the dystopian nightmare. VOTE!

  • How To Resist
    Excerpts from On Tyranny, a book on resisting dictatorship
    by Mr. Wednesday @MrWednesday11 on Twitter

  • RESIST! Excellent commentary on establishment's "normalizing" becoming complicity
    by Greg Gonsalves, Yale University

  • Endeavor to Persevere
    Wise Words by Cal on how to endure this helpless feeling
    (bonus points for id-ing the source of the caption)>

    by Chris Cal Carnahan @xtrixcyclex

  • Blessed are the damn-givers,
    for they will right-side the world. Keep giving a damn
    by John Pavlovitz

  • What line?
    Discussion of What Line is appropriate to define 'civility' in this toxic arena
    Twitter thread by Vox blogger David Roberts @drvox

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers II
    Chilling thought
    by Mr. Mario Linty @TrumpPrisonDate , on Twitter
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