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New 2/9/2010:
  •   Senator Richard Burr comments on Senate Intel Investiogation
    A summary with opinion/commentary of CBS interview with Sen Richard Burr 2/7/19.
    by Seth Abramson @@SethAbramson on Twitter

  • Interesting thought exercise on men, women, and abortion
    Some suggestions seem radical until you read her thought process. You don't need to agree they should be implemented to get the point of the double standard.
    by Gabrielle Blair @designmom on Twitter
    Here is PDF version

  • Mogilevich, 9/11 & Aftermath
    This is a combination FACT and OPINION by a student of transnational organized crime. She has long zeroed in on Semion Mogilevich & his control over Donald Trump.
    by Lincoln's Bible@LincolnsBible on Twitter
    Here is PDF version

  • Russia
    This is a chilling thread by "Russia Revealed's" author chronicling Russian depravity on an international scale over many decades.
    by Chris Nethery @ToestringRd on Twitter
    It is an ongoing thread; the link and pdf will be refreshed as he appends more to it. I included it in "Commentary/Opinion" rather than "History" since, while it includes plenty of documentation of provable facts, it also includes some of Chris's (probably accurate) opinion.
    Here is PDF version

  • Be Concerned!
    The significance of so many IC professionals speaking out, sounding the alarm.
    by Garrett M. Graff @vermontgmg on Twitter

    Excellent commentary on establishment's "normalizing" becoming complicity
    by Greg Gonsalves, Yale University

  • The Inimitable Propane Jane
    says WE SAW Y’ALL recapping who did what as this shitshow tsunami washed over us.
    Note: she is not known for subtlety, and I love her.
    by Propane Jane @docrocketex on Twitter

    Discussion of the word TREASON as applied to the current administration's actions.
    by Greg Olear @gregolear on Twitter

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