2CB Christmas Project

Christmas Project
Make Emma Lazarus Great Again

My primary market for refurbished bikes is people who are homeless, whether utilizing nightly shelters, in transitional housing, or supportive. Most have jobs to get to.

I also work with a refugee resettlement agency to supply bikes to arriving refugees who don't yet have driver's license or car. Through that work I have met several refugee families and supplied bikes to some adults and lots of kids.

I have become fast friends with one particular family who escaped the Syrian civil war under fire several years ago. They are all five delightful people. I've supplied bikes, then upgraded, replaced a stolen bike, made repairs. Through them I met another family, not refugees, but immigrants from Jordan 8 years ago. Without getting too specific, I can say they have had a very rough go of it the past couple of years. Dad abandoned after a restraining order was granted, leaving her with no job, no work history, four kids ages 2-12 and no child support. I've helped with a number of things, seeking aid, helping fill out applications, etc. I've supplied bikes there too, and found her a job.

I got a text one time from 10yr old after fixing his bike while he was at school. He got home, tried it, and wrote me "I don't have a dad but you are like a dad to our family. You help my mom and me and always respond quickly when we need something." His sister, just learning to talk after speech therapy until her 3d birthday in Oct. has twice called me "Dad."

This is an awesome responsibility. There is no way I am filling a proper dad role. And yet I'm the best they've got.

She had assistance with rent until June; since then can only pay partial. She got a formal eviction notice. I persuaded landlord to give us time, we were working a plan. So far he's being patient.
NOTE: I learned 12/17 property manager has been paying the landlord in full, augmenting whatever she could pay from his own pocket, gambling we'd make good.

So here's the thing: she's doing all the right things; started working in evenings October 1; changed to daytime when financial aid for daycare came thru. In Jan she will try to find better paying job. This one has been perfect for her first ever job; people are wonderful. I've gotten 3 ppl jobs there. She's going to make it. I am confident in her; she has weathered these awful times cheerfully, always the gracious hostess. She brought me flowers to thank me for getting her the job.

I want to pay the prop mgr the shortfall of December rent (DONE 12/17) and as much as possible of the $3000 she owes from the past six months of shortfalls (tbd), and give her a little to spend for Christmas, school clothes, whatever.

Please help
If you care to assist it will be much appreciated. I'm trying this in lieu of setting up a GoFundMe. I'm not looking for much and have this infrastructure already.

All donated funds through this page will go to directly for rent or a small portion to her to defray childcare costs and help with an unexpected car repair last week.

Paypal sends me a notice when a donation is received, with email address of donor. I am not setting up a separate Paypal account for this effort, so the funds will go into my SecondChanceBikes paypal account. Add a comment to the transaction to alert me it is for this, not bike parts.
The "Donate" button will process PayPal or major charge card donations.

SEND a Christmas gift:
If you prefer to donate directly to the family, there is a link below to an Amazon Wish List. All it has on it is an Amazon gift card - you decide what value to purchase. Select "deliver by mail" and it will send the card to their home. Her name will be visible to you but not address. If you select 'this is a gift' you can include a note and she will see your name and email address or you can just have it mailed anonymously. There are four children; you could opt to send 4 gift cards or just one for Mom to dole out. Amazon Gift Card Purchase

This is less structured than GFM and I realize there is an element here of "just trust me."
I hope you will. This is my way of fighting back at the Stephen Millers of the world.

Don Cooley, aka @frogcycle

Note: We are not a 501(c)(3) charity.

Progress to date 12/22/19
Donors Total
$120 - Dec childcare copay
$700 - Dec rent shortfall

Contact us at ChristmasProject@secondchancebikes.org