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This is a successor project to the "Second Chance Bikes Christmas Project" I sponsored last Nov/Dec. See the link above to the discussion of that project for background.

Here is the situation: 35-year old single mom from the MidEast with 4 kids ranging from 3 to 14. Divorced Dec 2018 after a tumultous separation involving a court order of protection.
There was no court order of support since he was out of the country, said to be back in MidEast. The family immigrated to the US in 2010;  she  is a  legal permanent resident with Green Card; passed the citizenship test and is awaiting a decision from USCIS. I met her in early 2019 through my Syrian refugee friends who live near her.

She had assistance with rent from a charity until June 2019; since then could only pay partial. I got her a job in November (her first ever) once her youngest with developmental issues was able to be left in preschool and daycare. She loves work and they love her.

Via the Christmas Project I was able to help her with car repairs, some Christmas gifts, and pay the shortfall in December rent. That left her still in arrears $3000. Then in January she got hit with $500 in car repairs and fell way short on Jan rent. On Feb 2 she received a summons for an eviction hearing on Feb 20.
 I've been working on possible solutions since last June. I've combed the area for a more economical place to live. Best I can find saves $100 and would be smaller. They are cramped as it is; 5 people in a 2 BR townhouse. Cost of moving makes that pointless. Section 8 housing waitlist is 2 years and is closed with no prediction of being opened.

There are jobs like hers in the area that pay better. I am watching for postings and have submitted her resume. I hope she can earn more per hour and over time increase her hours/week. Raising 4 kids alone makes that difficult. Job has to be really close to home.  

Here is what I have decided to do.
Pay off the back rent and Feb rent; then supplement what she can pay for 1 year. There is reason to believe that will be a sufficient "bridge."  That will be about $5000 immediately to clear the books until March 1 and I hope get the eviction hearing cancelled. I will commit to paying the monthly rent in full on the first of each month myself, with her paying what she can to me. I expect she'll be short  3-400/month, so an  approximately 4000 exposure. I'm using my IRA to do this, as I am retired and have only SocSec for income.

Please help
I have pledges of the $5000 lump sum and
of $50/month.
If you care to assist it will be much appreciated. A repeating donation  of whatever you can will help me to help them without draining the IRA too fast. I opened a separate bank account to manage funds cleanly.
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