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Who is Behind Polar Bear Post?

I'm Donald B. (Don) Cooley III, just a Grumpy Old Man frustrated that the Age of Aquarius didn't happen and now looks farther away than ever, sharing thoughts, observations from a 70-year-old perspective, plus a few shortcuts to other people's thoughts/observations. I'd consider picking a new first name except I'm kinda proud of DBCI and DBCII.

I worked in DC during Watergate, may have gotten more day-to-day news about it than the country in general, since there was no internet, no cable. National news was a 30-minute spot on each of the three networks running opposite each other, and no Tivo or xFinity to try to get more than one. So we who had home town newspaper (WAPO - Woodward & Bernstein) and radio/TV perhaps internalized it more. Even so, raised a Republican it took me a while to grasp that it was really that bad.

I recall vividly standing in our living room in Springfield, Va., watching Nixon resign. By that time we knew it was coming, and it was welcome, but it still felt like the very foundation of the Great Experiment was shaking. I was pissed at the pardon. We needed the catharsis of saying Never Again, MFers. I've always wondered if there was a deal. Little did I know what fresh hell was coming with the Republican Party, instead of going back to Ike's paty, moving further and further to Rove's vision of a 100-year reign to eclipse all memories of the Great Experiment.

Now I just hope to live long enough to see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. Browse around if you see fit. I might add ability to make comments some day, but for now either hit me on Twitter @frogcycle or email me using link at left. In particular, make suggestions of threads or other articles to note here.